“It is important that that place stay beautiful”

Two days after inaugurating the “Fuerte” sculpture in Trelew, built with Sofía Esparza, the artist Román Cura spoke on the Primera Vuelta program on Cadena Tiempo about the creative process behind the work, the difficulties in financing it and the hope that the land on which it was built is beautified.

The Public Sculptural Group was officially presented to the public last Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of the Bus Terminal. “The inauguration was beautiful,” said Cura, referring to the event held with the participation of local artists such as Alberto Murillo and the contemporary fusion dance group “Suspiro.”

Going deeper into what the beginning of this project was like, he detailed that “there was a structure in that place; a small circle within another fragmented circle, and some paths that were only the base. Accustomed to being muralists, we adapted to what was already there and in that structure I designed the sculpture that allows a tour of the inside, outside and sides.”

“What is characteristic of a public work is that it is not a tribute to anything in particular nor a monument. It draws a lot of attention from people, who understand that it is a personal analysis of the meaning of the work,” the artist noted.


Along these lines, he added that they are very grateful for the reception from the community. “Since we inaugurated it, we passed it several times and saw many people looking at it carefully. The truth is that it is a pleasure for us.”

Continuing, he recalled that since the beginning of the construction of this work, people approached him to ask about it, since at no time was the area fenced to prevent passage. “Generally they approached with the best intentions, and every time the work progressed a little further, people participated more.”

A longer road than expected

Román confessed that, in the first instance, it was planned to be able to do the work in less time than it took them. “We did the work with Sofía. It took us eight months, although everything was planned to be done in six. When we began to see that it was becoming more and more difficult for us to buy the materials due to inflation and pay the helpers, we had to start adding our own work and that made everything slower.”

Another difficulty they faced when facing the construction of this sculpture was obtaining financial support, since both had thought “of a minimum of 15” financiers, but “we only got ten. We saw a lot, we got tired of bouncing.” Despite this, “with those ten we were encouraged to move forward and the response was great, because of these ten companies that trusted us, the majority is not doing so for the first time. Is very grateful”.

Finally, he indicated that they hope that in the area where the work is located “they want to landscape it, illuminate it and protect it in some way. It is important that this place remains beautiful, because when the buses enter, they pass by the sculpture and enter (the terminal). There are many people who are passing through and take advantage of those moments when the bus stops to get off and go to the sculpture, then they continue their journey; The only thing they know about all of Trelew is that and Laguna Chiquichano, we discovered it while we were doing it.”

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