Between brushes and emotions; the fascinating work of Nube Manjarrez

Between brushes and emotions; the fascinating work of Nube Manjarrez
Between brushes and emotions; the fascinating work of Nube Manjarrez

Nube Manjarrez is 18 years old and 10 years ago she discovered her love for art. At the age of 8 she became interested in painting after an exhibition to which she accompanied her father and at that young age she began taking art classes.

“Painting relaxes me, soft brush strokes calm me down, strong brush strokes relieve me of stress, colors, observing, I like that a lot”

His forte is painting on canvas and now he is venturing into mural painting. Her work can be seen on Victoria Street, this is the first mural that the artist has created.

Nube wants to continue studying, now at the Faculty of Plastic Arts of the UACh, since his plans are to enter next year. Her specialty is portraits; “I really like painting expressions, colors, textures, combining different techniques,” said the artist, who has participated in both virtual and in-person exhibitions.

Nube’s message for all young people who would like to venture into some type of art is “to be encouraged, it is a world where like everything there is criticism but there is also a lot of support, be strong, many people say that by doing this they will be die of hunger but ask yourself, where is there no art? Art is everywhere, you have to find a way and make a contribution, make yourself known, move, support each other and enjoy it.”

Finally, Nube expressed that in Chihuahua there is a need for more support spaces such as contests, exhibitions, live painting demonstrations, projects for local artists to become known, in addition to financial support so that young people can grow in the artistic field. “It is not done just for the ‘love of art’, artists require income to live, since it is a profession that is practiced and as such it must be remunerated.

To appreciate more of the works of this young artist, you can visit her Instagram:

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