Chilean painter represented the country at an international muralism meeting in Mexico

The Chilean painter and muralist Lorena Véliz Flores represented Chile at the Fifth International Muralism Meeting of Colonia Morelos in Mixquihuala de Juárez, Hidalgo, Mexico, an artistic event that in its category is the largest on the continent.

The event brought together 70 artists from 24 countries, with Argentina as the guest nation, and was organized by the Italo Grassi International Muralism Movement of Argentina, directed by Raúl Eduardo Orosco, and the La Fortaleza Cultural Group of Mexico, directed by José Ventura Corona .

This year’s theme was “Art as a tool for social transformation” and the participation of the Chilean was possible thanks to the financing of the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts, regional scope of financing, 2023 call, for the international circulation of artists and his work.

“This invitation from the cradle of muralism and its financing by Fondart are an important recognition and incentive to continue the public art work that I have developed for more than two decades, allowing me to continue carrying out work in Chile as in abroad,” said the artist.

This year, 2023, Véliz Flores has been able to carry out mural works in Spain, Italy and now in Mexico, in an event that brings together renowned artists from four continents and “is a learning experience, dissemination of Chilean muralism, strengthening of networks and the exhibition of the power of art, in the development of people.”

The artist developed an agenda of cultural activism meetings in Mexico City, before returning to Chile to inaugurate the most recent community mural work carried out in San Felipe.

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