This is the steampunk Victorian house that is touring the United States

This is the steampunk Victorian house that is touring the United States
This is the steampunk Victorian house that is touring the United States
  • The Neverwas Haul is an autonomous Victorian steampunk house capable of reaching a speed of 8 kilometers per hour

  • It has three floors and a room with the “Itinerant Academy of Non-Natural Sciences”

If we leave the usual homes, we can find unique and quite interesting options for certain types of people. Thus, we have ‘tiny’ houses or prefabricated homes. There are even prefabricated houses sold on Amazon (which involve significant paperwork). This type of housing has a series of advantages and disadvantages, but in the end they are anchored to a place. Of course, there are houses that are built on wheels and no, they are not the classic caravans or ‘camperized’ vans.

It is about the tiny housesand there is a Victorian style steampunk capable of making anyone fall in love.

The Neverwas Haul. The creation of this house dates back to 2006. Inspired by the description of a mobile Victorian house with a tank track system in Neal Setephenson’s novel Snow Crash, Shannon O’Hare got to work. O’Hare had more than 25 years of experience building theme parks in the United States and set out to create a three-story house that could have perfectly come out of a Tim Burton film or been present in Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’.

With the help of 12 other people, it is a motorized construction 7.3 meters long, another 7.3 meters wide and 3.6 meters wide. Although it has two huge cart wheels, they are really ornamental, since the structure is supported by five conventional wheels with a front axle that allows steering control. In the end, it is built on the basis of a conventional caravan, called a ‘fifth wheel’, seeking stability, although the height is a challenge for mobility.

The steam engine came out okay. This Victorian house on wheels can be towed, but something curious is that it is autonomous. That is, it has a steering wheel (a rudder from an old ship) and an engine. In principle, it was sought to create a steam system so that the vehicle would be 100% steampunk. A boiler was even installed, but the idea did not catch on and they had to install a diesel engine with a cylinder that drives a hydraulic pump.

But although it can move without being towed, traveling in it on a highway is not the most advisable. As its creators commented, the maximum speed it reaches is 8 kilometers per hour. “If we reach 11 kilometers per hour, it means we are going too fast.” But hey, for maneuvering in a parking lot or around the city, it’s not bad, since it’s more comfortable than hooking it to another vehicle.

More than an attraction. We can think that the purpose of this ‘house’ is to be an attraction. It’s not that it looks too comfortable, so… what else can it be used for? The truth is that yes, it is the star of some festivals it attends, but something interesting is that the Neverwas Haul is not kept the same as when it was built in 2006.

75% of its components are recycled and its creators claim that, apart from being a place where rarities are exhibited, it has a library where the team talks about any topic and studies how to periodically renew the house. They also have a very curious channel in which they share material from the house, but also some of the team’s concerns.

For this photo they used a Kodak Bull’s Eye camera from 1898

They can’t stop creating. Beyond the historical curiosities that can be found inside the house, the members of the “Itinerant Academy of Non-Natural Sciences” meet periodically in the aforementioned library-room. It is a comical name that this traveler club has adopted, but what they do is discuss new creations, see how they can improve the house and what they do with the antiques that are donated to them or the “scrap” that they find.

In this room, new ideas have been given life such as ‘The Chairway to Heaven’, which is a rather curious raised sofa, a steam car for four people called ‘Parlor Car’ and a giant teapot that they use in parades.In addition, inside In the house itself there is a camera obscura that projects everything that is outside on a screen. Additionally, something that O’Hare is passionate about is seeing that his design has inspired other people to make their own creations.

With the house on his back. It is clear that, whether you live it more or less well, The Neverwas Haul is much more than a house, but in case you didn’t know, the tiny houses They exist and are precisely that: houses built on platforms with wheels that can be towed. It is a small prefabricated home (about 20 square meters) that must comply with the regulations of each country as well as road regulations.

They usually have water tanks, all the furniture to make them comfortable once they are at their destination, and energy that is generated from solar panels. They do not need foundations and have the advantage of being able to be placed anywhere… as long as regulations allow it. That’s where the real headache can be. On YouTube there are many videos with people telling their experience, both positive and negative.

Images | Obtainium Works

In Xataka | Elon Musk has published photos of the “mansion” in which he lives: a 35 square meter prefabricated shed

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