Raúl Soldi, thirty years after his departure

The mural painted in the Basilica of the Annunciation in the Holy Land was inaugurated on October 28, 1968. It is six meters high by two and a half meters wide. The temple is built on the grotto where it is believed that the miracle of the Annunciation took place and was later inhabited by the Holy Family. It consists of eight chapels that were decorated by artists from all over the world.

The Virgin of Lujan,’fresco in the Basilica of the Annunciation

Representing Argentina, the teacher Raul Soldicomposed a work that remembers the origin of the enthronement of the Virgin of Luján. An ombú located at the top was the shape chosen by Soldi to prefigure the silhouette of the Basilica surrounded by angels.

“The Violinist” oil painting from 1965

The image of the Virgin emerges from the foliage of an ombú and the archangel Gabriel appears between the branches.

At the bottom, a group of travelers, including a gaucho and his pingo, contemplate the place where the Virgin He chose to stay, according to tradition, when the oxen refused to continue on their way to Sumampa in Santiago del Estero. The caravan only started again when it was in place (Lujanon the banks of the river) the image of the Virgin that was in the convoy.

The human figures were painted in fresco while the rest of the mural has inlays of colored stones from different parts of Argentina that form a composition according to the mosaic technique that Soldi He had learned at the Brera Academy.

“The break” oil painting from 1965

The monumental work that thousands of tourists contemplated year after year required the artist three months of intense work, a period of time during which he was assisted by the Islamic community of Nazareth as a symbol of an ecumenism that is missing today.

The Soldi Hall with “The Wise Women” in full

We complete this shipment with a photo of the Hall Soldi of the College of Notaries where days ago the Master’s children gave a talk (in which I had the pleasure of accompanying them) and of some of the works that we will include in the exhibition with which we honor him starting next week (Av. Quintana 125, Recoleta).

* Carlos María Pinasco is an art consultant

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