The secret of the eternal youth of Chuando Tan, a 58-year-old photographer who looks 20

The secret of the eternal youth of Chuando Tan, a 58-year-old photographer who looks 20
The secret of the eternal youth of Chuando Tan, a 58-year-old photographer who looks 20

Although he was born in 1966, his appearance belies his age and he seems to be stuck in his twenties.

In the world of social media, where images and stories take on a life of their own, there is a character who defies the conventions of aging. Chuando Tan, born on March 3, 1966 in Singapore, captivated millions with his enigmatic youth, appearing decades younger than his actual age. What is his secret? How does he manage to remain so radiant and vital at 58 years old?

Tan is no newbie in the entertainment scene. Her journey to fame began in the world of music, where she explored her talent as a pop singer in the 1980s. Later, she entered the competitive world of modeling, where she began to forge her relationship with body care and beauty. esthetic. However, it was in photography where he found his true passion, a passion that led him to establish himself as one of the most prominent photographers of his generation.

What is the secret of youth?

What sets Chuando Tan apart goes beyond his imposing physique and youthful appearance. On her social networks, where she accumulates avid followers of his secrets, she reveals some keys to staying in shape and looking radiant. Among them, his steel mentality stands out, an unwavering determination that drives him to pursue his goals with fervor and perseverance. Furthermore, he embraces nature as a source of inspiration and renewal, moving away from the bustle of the virtual world and reconnecting with what is essential.

But how does he manage to remain so vital and youthful at 58 years old? He so attributes his transformation not only to physical discipline, but also to a deep connection to what he loves.

“I tried a lot of different jobs and stopped at what I really like. I love people, I love communicating, organizing sessions and I take photos,” he confesses in one of his posts on Instagram. For him, physical and mental well-being are intrinsically linked, and finding satisfaction in what you do is key to staying young at heart and soul.

Chuando’s meteoric rise on social media began with a simple image revealing his sculpted physique, attracting the attention of thousands in a matter of hours. Today, with more than one hundred thousand followers, she has become a reference for healthy living and well-being. From his morning routine to his thoughts on mindful eating, Chuando generously shares his habits and advice to inspire others to follow a balanced and vital lifestyle.

Exercise and sleep well

As for physical exercise, Tan confesses that he practices it four times a week. Her routine focuses on 30 minutes of weights and an hour of cardiovascular exercise. Additionally, she goes to the pool daily which helps tone her body. Along with this, she follows strict schedules. He gets up early every morning and goes to bed before 11 p.m.

“Going to bed early is worth it,” says Chuando, “because after a restful sleep, you will be able to do many more things during the day.” Many think that the photographer uses various beauty products to stay so young, but because he has sensitive skin, he only uses two cosmetic products every day: a gel to wash his face and a moisturizing facial cream.

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