On May 4, Vitoria hosts a first meeting and market of Alava photographers

On May 4, Vitoria hosts a first meeting and market of Alava photographers
On May 4, Vitoria hosts a first meeting and market of Alava photographers

On May 4, Vitoria hosts a first meeting and market of Alava photographersJorge Muñoz

A studio from which to continue working on one’s own work and, at the same time, a space from which to energize the photographic scene of the capital of Álava with training and recreational activities. All of this, even if it is said in a summary way, from Badaya Street. At the bottom of number 15, Usual Fotografica begins a new stage that seeks to respond to the interest in photography that exists in the city and, however, the little offer of events that exists in this field.

Perhaps the first and clearest example of this effort will happen in these facilities on May 4. Both in the morning – the proposal will start at 10:00 a.m. – and in the afternoon, Jon R. Bilbao (Usual Fotofotografia) will bring together four well-known Alava firms to offer citizens in general a meeting point and also a sales point.

After this first edition, in June the Usual Fotografia facilities will host a second event, this time only with female photographers.

Stuart MacDonald, Piko Zulueta, Koldo Mendaza and Diego Burgos They will be, along with the host, the protagonists of this first edition of a proposal that will have a second part in June. It will be, on that occasion, only with female photographers. The idea, in both things, is the same and involves making local firms visible and highlighting the quality of their work.

Diversity of styles

“These activities are like gifts,” says Mendaza, who describes the May 4 event as, above all, a forum, a meeting point. designed, in a special way, for those who do not usually move in the photographic circles of the territory. Also to achieve this, a poster of authors who respond to different styles and themes has been put together.

“There is what is interesting, in the diversity of jobs that will be able to be seenr”, says Bilbao. “People like to have something nice, cool, something that they know they will be looking at every day,” says Diego Burgos, so his selection will follow that path, without losing sight of other types of images, especially those street portraits that he knows how to take so well. “I take photos out of necessity and because I like it, not to sell.”

The new studio promoted by Jon R. Bilbao wants to “invigorate” the city’s photography scene with workshops, courses and activities

Long and impossible to summarize in a few words is the career of Stuart MacDonald, an archive focused on music and, fundamentally, on concert photography that will also be the protagonist in this case. “In addition to accompanying Jon in this new project, The idea is that the photography is seen, that people come to enjoy it and also to value photography.. Today everyone has cell phones with cameras, but it is not the same. If people buy, it would be great. But the basic thing about this idea is to make photography here visible.”

Everyone agrees on this reflection. But Bilbao also points out that “We must give people the opportunity to buy quality and local photography, which is not something so common. It is not something that is focused on collectors but on the general public, also in a close and dynamic environment, so that anyone can talk to us without problems.”

Koldo Mendaza

It will be the opportunity, for example, to take a look at the work that Koldo Mendaza has been carrying out in the last three years. This will be joined by a series of small format images that Piko Zulueta is generating specifically for this event with the idea of ​​the forest as its axis, following in the wake of the collective exhibition in which La InKieta 34 is participating.

Piko Zulueta

A dynamic place

This market, like the one that will take place in June, is just one of the paths that Usual Fotofotografia wants to follow from its new location on Badaya Street, although Jon R. Bilbao remembers that “I was already in this same space 20 years ago. It’s not going back to the origins because I started on Cuchillería Street but…“, he says with a smile while showing the different spaces that are distributed in these approximately 100 square meters.

Stuart MacDonald

Almost without entering, as a showcase, some of its most iconic images greet the visitor. From there, it appears the work area, the place to continue with the professional path that marks the creation of portraits and weddings.

This function of self-study will be joined by another aspect that Jon R. Bilbao has been developing for years at the Alavesa Photographic Society, in the civic centers of Gasteiz or at the Blackkamera school in Bilbao, that is, the training aspect. By way of “small school” we want to offer introductory courses in photography or video and photo production with mobile devices.

To that will be added the periodic workshop programming on specific subjects for which there will be photographers specialized in different areas. “This space has to become a place of activity related to photography,” says Zulueta. It is the intention of Jon R. Bilbao.

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