Collect all the rolls of negatives you have at home: see how you can develop them in just a minute.

Did you always see your parents use a regular camera and do you know that they still keep those negative In some drawer in the house? So, pay attention to this digital trick to give them a nice surprise by digitizing those analog photos quickly and effectively.

Instead of thinking about throwing away those old films, collect all the rolls of negative that you have on hand, because you can do the rest of the process with your own cell phone. The incredible advancement of mobile devices has been very surprising in recent years and, in case you didn’t know, There are several applications that will make you travel in time.

Postcard of photographic negatives.

What do you need to see the photos of your negatives:

  • Developed photographic negatives.
  • A cell phone with access to Instagram.
Photographic negatives in their respective covers.

This is the famous Instagram filter, “Cs2 Cine Negative”, which will reveal your photos in a matter of seconds. Without going any further, the instagramer Beto Pasillas published repeatedly from his personal Instagram account how to use this simple digital trick to obtain the content of each negative developed photographic.

Digitized photo of a photographic negative. Source: (@betopasillas)

The step by step of how to digitize your photographic negatives in just a minute

  1. The first thing you have to do is look for a roll of developed negative and go to your Instagram application.
  2. Then, swipe to the right side, as if you were going to make a story, to find yourself in the filters part.
  3. Go to the end and, when you see the magnifying glass, press to write the following: “Cs2 Cine Negative”.
  4. Click where it says “Try” and place one of the negatives in the window against the light so you can take a photo. That’s it, as soon as you take your first capture you will get your digitalized photo.
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