38 photos: the grand opening of NODO – Art Galleries Circuit 2024

38 photos: the grand opening of NODO – Art Galleries Circuit 2024
38 photos: the grand opening of NODO – Art Galleries Circuit 2024

The initiative of Meridiano, the Argentine Chamber of Contemporary Art Galleries, seeks to promote Argentine contemporary art through a wide variety of free activities

The program includes talks, performances, exhibitions and guided tours, offering a unique experience for all art lovers.

Andreas Keller Sarmiento and Facundo Gómez Minujin (JP Morgan)

María Freixas de Braun and Teresa Bulgheroni, president of the Malba Foundation

Wally Diamante and Cata Chavanne

58 Meridiano galleries, representing more than a thousand artists, came together to offer three days of celebration. These galleries are distributed in four circuits corresponding to different areas of the city: the first covers Recoleta, Retiro and Barrio Norte; the second, Palermo, Villa Crespo and Chacarita; and the third, San Telmo, La Boca and Centro

Art gallery week is an event that takes place annually in the main capitals of the world. In Buenos Aires, four editions have already been held in which more than 30 thousand visitors participated

Facundo Garayalde, Juan Borchex and Leopoldo Mones Cazon

Celina Chatruc, Larissa Andreani -president of arteBA- and Enrique Avogadro, former Buenos Aires Minister of Culture

Florencia Perotti and Teo Discoli

The architect, Anna Mitrokhina

Alejandro Corres and Alejandro Faggioni at the launch of NODO 2024

Victoria Noorthoorn, director of the Modern Museum, together with the gallery owner María Casado and Diego Obligado

The gallery owners Ariel Quindi, Mauro Herlitzka and Julián Mizrahi

Santiago Poggio, Solana García Paz, María Casado and Andrés Pasinovich

Visitors taking tours of the participating galleries

Mariano Vega, Diego Obligado, Guadalupe Creche and Gonzalo Lagos

The architect Gabriel Colasurdo, the gallery owner Gabriela Gabelich and the curator Guadalupe Creche

Martín Zanotti and Inés Etchebarne

Roy Cortina, Undersecretary of Cultural Policies of Buenos Aires

Facundo Garayalde, Micaela Carlino and Pablo De Sousa

The first week of art galleries in Buenos Aires took place in September 2018, within the framework of the Art Basel Cities program, followed by the second in November 2019, the third in 2022 and the last in 2023

Mariana Villafañe and Jorge Miño

The gallery owners Julián Mizrahi, Torcuato González Agote and Teo Discoli

Milagros Schmoll, Darío Ahuad and Facundo Garayalde

Roy Cortina, Diego Banfi and Nicolás de la Cruz

Diego Obligado, president of Meridiano, at the launch of NODO 2024

Andrés Brun and María Casado

Lucrecia Palacios and Enrique Avogadro

The gallery owner Leopoldo Mones Cazón and Diego Obligado, president of Meridiano

Tasting Chavanne and Flavia Masetto

Juan Borchex and Andrés Brun

Carina Gamarra, Gonzalo Lagos and Guadalupe Creche

Solana García Paz, Vanina Mouzo, María Calcaterra, Emilia van Raap and Maite Machicote

Martín Zanotti and Diego Clavero

Mariano Vega (RAGHSA), María Casado, Diego Obligado and Gonzalo Lagos of the Meridiano Steering Committee

The inauguration of NODO Circuito de Galleries 2024 /// Photos: Courtesy of Grupo Mass

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