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It is possible that in the history of LABoral Art Center and in the history of any museum in Asturias, no one has managed to attract as many people as Rodrigo Cuevas at the popular inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to him by the Asturian contemporary and industrial art center. Hundreds of people gathered in the Laboral lobby to see the exhibition that the curators Llorian Garcia and Ricardo Villoria have been carried out on the figure of a musician who transcends beyond the limits of art and music, becoming an authentic sociological vector of Asturias. What Rodrigo Cuevas does and what he says matters. And that is another of the true reasons why it is worth it for the musicologist and artist to be the subject of an exhibition.

“Rodrigo Cuevas. The grace of folkloric agitation” looks at some of the practices of this creator, distinguished with the National Prize for Current Music 2023. From this Friday until March 8, 2025, Laboral Centro de Arte exhibits an exhibition based on the musical universe and the creative process of the Asturian artist Rodrigo Cuevas.

In this research, curators Llorián García and Ricardo Villoria have focused on the “grace” of folkloric agitation, through a set of elements such as photographs, videos, pieces of clothing, objects and audiovisual installations, in which the visitor is an active agent. Ricardo Villoria has stated that Rodrigo Cuevas invites “you to reflect”, to let yourself go and enjoy the moment, the roots and the tradition. In this reflection, it is easy to understand that the Spanish periphery gains a new empowerment, articulated on tradition and modernity, indignation, rebellion, political consciousness, eroticism, tragedy, entertainment and frivolity. All of this makes up an artist who redefines, from musicology and the scene, a new political and geographical map different from that of radio and centralist Spain. Rodrigo Cuevas is pure perestroika, a term coined by Jaime Miquel and continued by Iván Redondo.

The director of LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation, Pablo de Soto, explained the day before that the visitor will encounter “the creative universe” of Cuevas, but also with the way in which contemporary art is understood at LABoral. . The President of the Principality attended the presentation, Adrian Barbon recently arrived from Madrid, together with the Minister of Culture, Vanessa Gutierrezand the Councilor for Culture of Gijón, Montserrat Lopez Moro.

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