«Economic performance cannot be above people»

«Economic performance cannot be above people»
«Economic performance cannot be above people»

«The fact that there is a bottleneck to obtain permits cannot be an excuse to go over it. Rush and economic performance cannot be above people. It is unacceptable”. This is how forceful the president of the College of Architects of the Balearic Islands (COAIB), Bernat Nadalwho made these statements this Tuesday morning to IB3 TV after the appearance of the mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, where he offered the results of the first investigations into the collapse of the jellyfish Beach Club in Palm Beach.

“The responsibility It belongs to the owners. For some time now the work of the technicians and everything has become a bureaucratic issue“Nadal lamented. And he warned that “people just want to get the papers but there is a whole responsibility and we must hold them responsible for these actions, which must be carried out to guarantee the safety of people».

From the COAIB, he pointed out that the request for an activities and works license entails complying with the regulations. “It is associated with a security process for the people who will use this building and this is where the technicians come in so that the use of the buildings is safe and we do not find ourselves in these situations.”

Nadal explained that he is waiting for laboratory tests but the first reports confirm the hypothesis that the dean of the COAIB had from the beginning, which pointed to a combination of factors such as overweight of the works and an overload of use that collapsed the structure of the damaged building. «We will have to find out what the constructive solution is for this floor and we will have to be aware of the content of the building inspection report. This roof of the building has been used without any type of authorization and without any project that supports the works that have been carried out,” explained the dean of the COAIB. And he added that the delay in granting licenses is no excuse to ignore the regulations.

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