Crisis at MACVAC | The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Vilafamés is left without artistic direction

Crisis at MACVAC | The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Vilafamés is left without artistic direction
Crisis at MACVAC | The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Vilafamés is left without artistic direction

The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Vilafamés is left without artistic directionMEDITERRANEAN

He Museum of Contemporary Art Vicente Aguilera Cerni (MACVAC) is Unot from the pioneer centers of art contemporary in Spain. Its foundations were established in 1969 by the renowned and prestigious critic Vicente Aguilera Cerniwho saw the possibilities of a town like Vilafamés to house an extraordinary collection of works that today can be visited in the Palau del Batllé.

The museum institution houses more than 700 works of art and the artists who sign these pieces are references of the artistic avant-garde., both nationally and internationally. Likewise, and as a great peculiarity, The entire fund comes from donations or assignments from the artists themselves, which makes MACVAC a precursor of this management model. in which there is no purchase of work and the collection becomes dynamic.

Rosalía Torrent was the current artistic director of MACVAC until the approval of the new statutes.

Despite being considered an “unusual event” in the history of national museography, The Vilafamés Museum is now experiencing a moment that could be considered turbulent if you look back. This is because the new statutes of the center, approved unanimously on June 6 in the full of the Vilafamés City Councileliminates the figure of the direction, which until now was exercised by the professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts of the Jaume I UniversityRosalía Torrent, replacing it with a “management-direction”. Likewise, citizen participation in the MACVAC governing body is reduced..

A letter for citizens

Given this news, and given “the lack of consideration for the allegations” presented, a group of 65 people from civil society linked to the world of culture have signed an Open Letter in which they show their concern about the new period of the Museum of Vilafamés, because they consider that the disappearance of the figure of director “reduces the level of quality in the evaluation of the works that have to be part of the artistic content and cultural activities that form an essential part of a self-respecting museum”, In addition, according to the signatories of the letter, “a legal order from 1991 determines that the conditions for recognition as a museum” establishes, among other requirements, the existence of a director. «With the new Statutes this figure disappears, which implies the loss of recognition of the museum by the Valencian generalitat and, with this, the exclusion of the same to the Valencian Museum System», they say.

The MACVAC houses more than 700 works of art by artists of the artistic avant-garde, recognized both nationally and internationally and constitutes a cultural reference.

Likewise, the signatories of this Open Letter consider that the new composition assigned to the Advice Current rector, “implies a loss of participation of the highest governing body, focused on municipal political representation and marginalizing civil society”. To date, the representative and decision-making body of the Museum of Vilafamés was composed of a total of 21 components, “thus giving participation to a broad political, institutional, artistic, cultural and citizen representation, in making decisions about its management.” Now, with the new statutes, that open framework for dialogue would also be lost.

“What we signatories intend is to maintain the founding spirit, inspired by Vicente Aguilera Cerni, in the democratic forms of management, decision-making and participation of civil society”says the document signed by those 65 people from Castellón’s civil and cultural society, among whom are prominent artists such as Amat Bellés or Claudia de Vilafamés, or figures from the university sphere such as Juncal Caballero or Dora Sales, and also from politics, such as Verònica Ruiz, among others. “For everything we have stated, we consider that the text approved by the municipal corporation does not conform to the artistic criteria that should govern an institution with the prestige of the MACVAC,” they conclude.

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