Take a seat before finding out how much an architect earns in CDMX

Salaries in Mexico depend on the work one does and its complexity. In this case we are going to tell you about how much a person earns. architect in CDMX. This is one profession very atractive.

These data that we are going to give you now are very helpful for those who are interested in devoting themselves to it. The information that we are going to provide you corresponds Ministry of Economy and the job portal Glassdoor.

How much does an architect earn?

So that you take into account a architect win in CDMX between $13,000 and $22,000 MXN per month. The average salary ranges from $17,000 MXN. Apart from this, those who dedicate themselves to the profession can receive additional payments.

Architects have a salary of approx. from $19,500
Source: Freepik

As for the latter, it is approximately $2,500 MXN per month, which includes bonuses, commissions, tips and profit sharing.

Doing the sum gives us a total of $19,500 MXN per month for a architect in the CDMX. This would represent the average which is the point of the ranges in terms of salaries that they have collected.

The data shows us that in the fourth quarter of 2023, the Architecture, Engineering and Related Activities Services sector employed 158,000 people. Of these people the 50.8% were women and 49.2% were men.

Other important information is that the average age of the workers was 37.7 years, with an average educational level of 15.5 years.

The majority were women.
Source: Freepik

Without a doubt, data like this is useful when choosing to be architect in the CDMX. Salaries play an important part when it comes to leaning towards a profession.

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