It is like a small apartment and can hold up to 100 people

It is like a small apartment and can hold up to 100 people
It is like a small apartment and can hold up to 100 people
  • It is just over 25 square meters and weighs 16 tons.

  • It is in one of the largest convention centers in India

Bombay was long the epicenter of India’s cotton textile industry, but over the past few decades it has changed dramatically. Since the end of the 20th century, it has been promoting a economic diversification which has turned it into the financial capital of the country. As such, this urban center stands out for being the home of several works that combine engineering, art and architecture.

The Jio World Center is a clear example of this. It is a huge place that includes everything from a shopping center, the Jio World Plaza, to a convention center, the Jio World Convention Centre. The latter, precisely, differs from any other by having the largest passenger elevator in the world. What are we talking about? From an exclusive elevator of just over 25 square meters.

A unique elevator in the world

Certainly, designing and building such a large passenger elevator is not an easy task. Those responsible for this part of the project not only had to consider issues related to size, load capacity and safety, they also had to allow the luxurious lotus-inspired design of the Jio World Center to be printed on it. A Finnish firm called KONE was in charge of all this.

KONE says that once they received confirmation of the project, it took months of planning to develop it, although in many ways they should not have started from scratch. If there is one thing that this company stands out for, it is that it has more than 100 years of history (it was founded in 1910) and operates in more than 60 countries. The weight of the passenger elevator was calculated at around 16 tons, a true beast.

In addition, a maximum capacity of 100 passengers was set. The main challenge was basically moving a structure the size of a small apartment with all possible serenity and security. To do this, the manufacturer installed a high-capacity lifting machine called ONE EcosDisk MX100 Heavy Duty that worked with an innovative system of 18 pulleys and 9 ropes.

Jio World Convention Center

As we can see in the images, the installed elevator is a true marvel. Boast of a single central opening door 4 panels. It also offers passengers a panoramic view thanks to its glass walls and updated information about the building through two screens. The gold-colored ceiling reflects the building’s lotus flower design in combination with the lighting.

The elevator has been in operation for more than two years and is one of the most prominent pieces of the Jio World Convention Centre. Visitors often take photos in the elevator, as long as there are no events. During events, this platform opens its doors to the public so that models, artists or different personalities can enter one of the luxurious venues at the venue.

Images | KONE | Jio World Center

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