Navarrese photographer Joxe Lacalle, ‘El Bombo de La Jarana’ award

Navarrese photographer Joxe Lacalle, ‘El Bombo de La Jarana’ award
Navarrese photographer Joxe Lacalle, ‘El Bombo de La Jarana’ award

Joxe Lacalle, after the press conference of the La Jarana clubJon Urriza


The award The Bombo de La Jarana 2024 has been awarded to the Navarrese photographerJoxe Lacalle Uharte(Etxauri, 1951). With this award, the club wants to recognize the work of the photojournalists in San Fermín, which will be presented this coming Sunday, June 30, within the framework of the celebration of the Day of the Peña.

This award, as explained by the club, seeks to recognize the professionals who work on the street at the parties. “This is a more global award, a recognition for all those photojournalists who from the first minute to the last of our parties, they are with their camera ready to show us everything that we cannot reach. Before in the pages from the press or hanging on the walls from photography stores and now also on social networks, They try to reflect the true spirit of Sanfermines. Because taking a good photograph is not just a matter of center, focus and squeeze the little button, we need much more, we need to know why and why you do it,” said the president. Bittor Aranaz.

Joxe Lacalle in an archive image

Specifically, the award ceremony will take place this Sunday after the members’ meal What will be celebrated in Geltoki (old bus station) on a festive and musical day through the streets of Iruña. There will also be held the XXXIX edition of the Running of the Bulls Racewhich runs precisely the route that is taken every morning of San Fermín between Santo Domingo and the Plaza de Toros.


The award has previously been given to 21 other people or groups because of its relationship with Sanfermines or the city so far this century, except for the two years of hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among them are La Comparsa de Gigantes y Cabezudos (2001); the Cebada Gago cattle ranch (2002); the Struendo de Iruña (2003), the Reynolds heir cycling team (2004), the staff of the Plaza de Toros (2005), the Andrea collective (2006); Barricada (2007), the churrera of La Mañueta, Paulina Fernández (2008); la Jarauta 69 (2009) the journalist José Luis Larrión (2010); The Pamplonesa (2011); the singer-songwriter Fermín Balentzia (2012), the pastors of the bull run (2013), the txistulari Terentxo Arana (2014); The Sanfermines 78 Gogoan collective (2015); Mariví Esparza (2016); Juan Martínez de Irujo (2017), Marcela Abárzuza (2018); Maitane Melero (2019); the health workers (2022) and the jotera Mari Cruz Corral (2023).

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