The Carmen Thyssen Space will open in 2027

The Carmen Thyssen Space will open in 2027
The Carmen Thyssen Space will open in 2027

As is usual around this summer time, The Espai Carmen Thyssen in Sant Feliu de Guíxols has presented its traditional exhibition with works linked to the collection of the collector who gives this place its name. However, we now know when this space will finally open as an open museum beyond the holiday months.

Yesterday, during the presentation of the exhibition, it was learned that The Espai Carmen Thyssen hopes to open its doors definitively in 2027. This was announced by Guillermo Cervera, curator of the Thyssen Collection who He also spoke about the other major project linked to this important art collection, which is the future headquarters in Barcelona in what was the old Cine Comedia on Passeig de Gràcia. They are two different projects, as Cervera commented, although with obvious “good synergies due to their proximity.” The curator did not want to give details regarding the Barcelona proposal, although he admitted that the opening date of this space, still to be specified, would be close to that of the Espai de Sant Feliu. “We are still working on the issue of Barcelona and we have no data,” commented Guillermo Cervera, who ruled out competition between the two spaces, as the Carmen Thyssen Collection, which will feed both with paintings by Catalan artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, has “a collection that allows both to be fed without problems.”

The approximately five hundred pieces in the collection will allow for diverse content, although Guillermo Cervera advocated the rotation of works. “A museum that always offers the same works is a museum that is dead. Rotation allows the permanent collection of a museum to stay alive,” said the curator of the Baroness’ collection. For all this, Cervera’s conclusion is that “one project will be a loudspeaker for the other,” that attention will be paid to new generations that are digital and that the social aspect that is already applied in other Thyssen facilities will be taken into account.

Besides, The Espai Carmen Thyssen inaugurated “Between works, prefigured dialogues with the Carmen Thyssen Collection”, which will remain open until October 24, 2024, and features works by 27 artists offering a game with 24 dialogues with pieces from the baroness’ collection.

Curated by Pilar Giró, in the exhibition contains pieces by names such as Josep Canals, Eduardo Chillida, Xavier Corberó, Cristina Iglesias, Eva Lootz, Jaume Plensa, Susana Solano or Manolo Valdés, among others. The pieces have been loaned for free for the occasion, from the Carmen Thyssen Collection, the La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (Macba), Chillida Leku, Ópera Gallery Madrid, Museum of History of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, in addition to the workshop of the artists themselves.

The exhibition moves in two spaces that draw the hybrid scenario of the 21st century: on the one hand, the physical and tangible universe of the sculptures and installations present, and on the other, the liquid and digital universe where the image of the paintings selected for the dialogue are housed.

New technologies are also present in this proposal to the point that a game can be established with other pieces from the Baroness Thyssen’s collection through a QR code on the posters. The exhibition also aims to serve to remember Eduardo Chillida and Antoni Tàpies on the occasion of their centenary.

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