A sustainable and elegant home in Tarifa

A sustainable and elegant home in Tarifa
A sustainable and elegant home in Tarifa

Cadiz/Today we tour an original house in RateIts owner, the Scottish creative director Clare G. Macintyrewho has Spanish ancestry on his father’s side, discovered this town in 2015. After coming here several times, he decided to buy a property and change his residence from the English capital and the Scottish Highlands where he lived to Tarifa. He currently lives between the city of Cadiz and spends time in the London capital and in the family home in the north of Scotland.

This Tarifa space that the owner acquired occupies 100 meters spread over 4 floors. The ground floor is the cocinathe first floor is the living room, Main bedroom y bathroom; the second floor is occupied by a bedroom with its bathroom and the third is located terrace with a view of the Guzmanes fortress and Morocco. All these rooms receive natural light through their exterior windows.

Its owner, after acquiring the property, made a major renovation, opening up all its spaces and distributing its rooms depending on her family needs. After 8 months of reforms He turned it into a beautiful space dominated by the light from outside and by its clean and open decoration.

A blue door with a knocker purchased in India welcomes you at the entrance of the house. After three steps and a small entrance you reach the kitchen. This space combines the microcement of the countertops with the clay of its floor. Throughout its layout, the maximum use of space has been made. For storage, beautiful wooden doors have been designed. On one of its walls hangs a shelf where different pieces of ceramic tableware rest. As a decorative element and in a nod to its Scottish origin, one of its countertops is decorated with a pair of bronze candlesticks. Large wicker baskets from Morocco decorate some of its spaces. A staircase connects to the upper floor where the living-dining room and master bedroom with its bathroom are located.

The living room is dominated by an exposed wooden table, which rests on a mat. It is accompanied by a sofa made of mambú and another sofa that has been upholstered by its owner in beige and ecru linen. Pieces by the Tarifa ceramist Mon Ruiz Díaz decorate the niche in this space. A chubesqui borders the living room and dining room.

In the dining room there is a vintage circular table with a marble top and iron legs. It is accompanied by a pair of Thonet chairs in wood colour and another original chair in different heights. Two rattan baskets, purchased in Senegal, are used as decorative elements. Beautiful old pine doors lead to the master bedroom.

This bedroom is dominated by a painting by the British artist Alison Johnson, which is located on top of the bed. On its sides two stools made of rush and wood bought in Morocco are used as a bedside table. Two original clay lamps hanging from the ceiling are used to light this room. The place where the dressing room is located is covered with a natural linen fabric.

The bathroom in this room uses microcement on both the walls and the floor, along with a beautiful stone sink. A painting by the British artist hangs on one of the walls as a decorative object. In Frankel.

Another staircase from this floor leads to the upper floor where there is a bedroom and a bathroom in an open space where all the light comes in through its large windows. And going up the stairs from this room you reach the terrace, one of the most popular areas in summer. A gazebo has been installed on it to enjoy summer nights with its views of Morocco and the medieval fortress of the Guzmanes. Everything described has its views of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Morocco.

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