Generation V: Marina del Olmo

VALENCIA. In Culturplaza We have set ourselves a challenge: to portray those young creators who shape the new Valencian culture. Generation V who has arrived, not only to stay, but to shake everything up. It’s time to play this particular ‘Who’s Who’. Today: Marina del Olmo.




-Jewelry designer.

-The moment you knew you wanted to pursue this:

-The first day I entered as an apprentice in a workshop and began to work with metal.

-Tell us everything we need to know about your creative project in a Tweet:

-Claim joy and fun as a criticism of a system based on productivity and focused on work.

-If your biography were published tomorrow, what title would it have?

-I’ve lost my way, I’m getting there.

-What would you ask a crystal ball?

-Nothing, I want life to surprise me.

-A record, movie/series and book:

-Disco: ThirdPortishead. Film: Lost in translation. Serie: True detective. Book: AbroadAlbert Camus.

-Artistic/professional moment “swallow me up, earth”:

-The year I was on Erasmus and I confused the due date of a project, thinking it was due a month later, and I had to finish the final project of the semester in a weekend as best I could and without sleeping.

-Which artist would you dedicate a street to?

-To my mother.

-What are your most used emojis?

-How/where do you see yourself in 10 years?

-Making jewelry and planting tomatoes in a house in the Valencia garden.

-Three accounts of Valencian creators that we MUST follow on social media:

-@emparanoia, @picon_joyas and @thatsnotyourrabbit

-Complete the sentence: Generation V is…

-the generation that doesn’t give up.

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