This house in Lanzarote pays tribute to the most colorful César Manrique

This house in Lanzarote pays tribute to the most colorful César Manrique
This house in Lanzarote pays tribute to the most colorful César Manrique

A house in Lanzarote from which to look out to sea and recover iconic architecture

Juan was born in Castellón and grew up in Benicasim, by the sea. And this has greatly influenced his work. Before founding his own business, Montoliu Hernandezworked in several architectural studios in Madrid and London.

“César Manrique was a genius and a constant source of inspiration in every sense; without him, the Lanzarote we know today would not exist. He was not an academically trained architect, so this fact, together with his open and alert mind, allowed him to have a unconstrained vision, free of limitations and an extremely fresh, playful, experimental architectural approach deeply rooted in the island context“, says Juan from the door of his house.

And the works of Manrique are a constant dialogue between the landscape and the inhabitant in which nature is not only present but, in some way, is highlighted and magnified“As if that were not enough, he was a visionary and had the ability to see the potential of the island and transmit his vision to the local community. Thanks to this, Lanzarote remains one of the few places in the world where architecture enhances the landscape and adds even more beauty,” he continues.

The paintings are the work of Juan’s father.

Yves Drieghe.

Welcome to Casa Lupe

We arrived at Villa de Teguise, a small town in the center of the island, listed as One of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Spain” which was also originally the capital until it was moved to Arrecife.

He The immaculate whitewash of its facades contrasts with the Canary green of the doors and windows and the black of the volcanic cobblestones of its streets. They also attract attention for three reasons. One. Their names: Lightning, Thunder, Ball, Fear, etc. Two. Their steep slope towards the centre, to collect the little water that falls on the island. Three. From any of them you can see the bell tower of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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