They appeal to the Constitutional Court about the distribution in institutes and in the juvenile center of books “that encourage people to consume drugs to have sex”

They appeal to the Constitutional Court about the distribution in institutes and in the juvenile center of books “that encourage people to consume drugs to have sex”
They appeal to the Constitutional Court about the distribution in institutes and in the juvenile center of books “that encourage people to consume drugs to have sex”

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers has filed an appeal before the Constitutional Court (TC) against the ruling of the Supreme Court that closed the case against the Castellón City Council for the distribution of books with explicit sexual content in which it is encouraged to consume drugs to have sex.

The president of this organization of jurists, Poland Castellanos, assures in a statement that “If necessary, we will take this case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. If Spanish judges do not dare to condemn those responsible for distributing these books to minors, it is likely that in Europe they will be shocked that books that talk about 11-year-old children are given to 11-year-old children. chemsexorgies in dark rooms and attacks on Christianity and Islam“, has said.

The appeal submitted to the TC recalls the background of this case that dates back to October 2021when the Castellón City Council, then led by the bipartite PSOE-Compromís, proceeded to distribution of 32 books with LGTBI ideology and perspective and themes in eleven public institutes and in the Pi Gros juvenile center, all of them in the city of Castellón de la Plana.

The entity of lawyers remembers that these books were distributed among minors in the educational centers of Castellón “without providing any information or authorization to the parents and/or legal guardians of the minors”.

The resource specifies the title of each of the books and exposes the content of some of them, to ensure that they are not only publications with sexually explicit content, “but that resorts to the constant ridicule of religions, and not only the Catholic religion, it also makes a flagrant attack on Islam, Judaism and the evangelical religion. It clearly exercises a negative stereotyping of the religious fact, inciting hatred against religion and its followers”.

Among the examples he provides, he extracts literal text: If you’re fucking with three gin and tonics on you, a line of coke and you share a jointthat is a party of a lifetime” or “PYou may encounter a dominant passive who, for example tie another man to the bed, eat his cockwhile she forces him to lick her ass, and who then climbs on top of him to penetrate a cowboy. The passive, bouncing on the turnip, he slaps and spits on the asset and challenges him“Let’s see if you can handle the ride I’m giving him like a stallion.” Christian Lawyers denounce.

This appeal argues, to ask the Constitutional Court to annul the previous rulings (of first instance and of the TSJ of the Valencian Community), that law 8/2017 approved by the Government of the Botànic “attributes to the town councils of the Valencian Community powers in matters educational. Thus, said Law provides legal coverage for a city council to attribute educational powers to itself to impose gender ideology or LGTBI ideology, without mentioning the fundamental rights that would be violated (right to religious freedom and right of parents to have their children receive religious and moral training that is in accordance with their own convictions) and that could only be developed by Organic Law.”

In this way, Christian Lawyers warn, “it is left in the hands of the municipalities of the Valencian Community to apply the educational laws according to their criteria, emptying them of real content.”

The appeal supports its arguments with provisions of the Human Rights Court and with respect to religious freedom it states that: “certainly, in the case examined, the defendant City Council, under the pretext of applying gender ideology and advocating for sexual diversity , has contributed to the dissemination of material that discriminates to Catholics and Christians, Muslims and Jews – insofar as it offends them in their religious beliefs – as well as those who do not agree with the aforementioned ideology. These books ridicule the beliefs that the Constitution, organic laws, European and Spanish Jurisprudence require respect to safeguard the fundamental and human rights of students and their parents, of the teachers themselves and in general of all those who have religious beliefs and a ideology different from that defended in the donated books.”

However, the Christian Lawyers Foundation leaves the door open to appeal to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights.

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