The books recommended by Bill Gates to enjoy the end of year season

The end of year season has arrived and recommendations are the order of the day to celebrate the festivities. Through his blog, Bill Gates presented his suggested books for these dates, he also added Netflix productions and Christmas songs.

One of the series recommended by the billionaire is ‘The light you can’t see’, one of the most recent productions released by the technology giant. Gates assured that he had already read the book and that is why when he started watching the series he did so with suspicion.but the adaptation for the platform seemed good.

The tycoon also got a little nostalgic and also recommended the book, The Song of the Cell by Siddharta Mukherjee. This text talks about the diseases that some illnesses suffer from, especially at this time of year. But in this case, it also talks about the evolution of cells and biological intelligence.

Another recommended text is It’s Not the End of the World by Hannah Ritchie. An environmental activist who thought she was living in one of the worst times in human history, until she realized her data showed her otherwise. According to Gates, everyone who wants to have a meaningful conversation about climate change should read that text.

Another book is ‘Invention and Innovation’ by Vacay Smil. This text questions whether we are evidently living in the most innovative era of humanity. For Gates, there is no better person to explain innovation processes than Smil.

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