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The businessman from Huila, Jesús Oviedo Pérez, will launch his ninth book tomorrow: “Win ​​or win, there is no option.” In addition to narrating fragments of his life, he teaches the reader that defeats are not definitive. The prologue of the book is by the national director of Noticias RCN, José Manuel Acevedo.

“It is difficult to find so much hope and optimism in a few pages. It is difficult to feel such a powerful story, written with the genius of those who can use simple and direct language to express underlying ideas and concepts. It is difficult to find so much sincerity in a text, without sweetening or deceptive courtesies. It is difficult for the person who writes it to maintain such synderesis between what he says and does, between what he writes and applies. And yet, despite how difficult it is to do all of the above, the latest book by Jesús Oviedo Pérez, which you are about to read, is confirmation that in life the only option is to win, and not There is no one better to say it than him, a businessman who did not always win, but who, even in the midst of difficulties and some lost battles, teaches us in his latest work how defeats are not definitive and victories depend on a combination — or “cocktail,” as he calls it—which has definitive elements and must be built systematically, without giving up.”

These are some notes from the national director of Noticias RCN, José Manuel Acevedo, recorded in the prologue of “Win ​​or win, there is no option”, the new book by the Huilense businessman, Jesús Oviedo, who managed to create and consolidate the JOM International Group, a conglomerate that brings together 27 companies in Colombia and 11 other countries.

Mr. Oviedo Pérez’s publication, distributed in 10 chapters and under the Cangrejo Editores label, focuses on the narration of fragments of his own history and his imprint of leadership and business management.

For this businessman, a positive mental attitude has been the key in his career full of not only successes but also obstacles. In fact, Mr. Oviedo begins his book by saying that “in 1977 a momentous event occurred that would change the course of my life forever.” After describing what happened, he immediately confesses that from then on he determined his life to win. “And when I say win, I mean win in every way. To earn money, experience, knowledge, wisdom. To earn the respect of others, of my family, my friends, my loved ones. To win everything he had lost and much more.”

Cover of the book “Win ​​or win, there is no option.”

The launch

The launch event for “Win ​​or win, there is no option” will take place at 6 pm this Wednesday, November 22, in the Buenos Aires room of the Club El Nogal in Bogotá.

The president of the Neiva Newspaper LA NACIÓN, social communicator and lawyer Claudia Marcela Medina García, will be in charge of presenting the book to special guests and attendees.

“Having the opportunity to present the ninth book by businessman Jesús Oviedo Pérez is an honor, since he finds in the stories, anecdotes and detailed information about his life, great lessons and recommendations for those moments that we all call crises, but “which for him become key opportunities for success to ensure a secure future, but based on sacrifice and constant work, never on luck or social networks, which teach that you can be a millionaire without making greater efforts.”

Jesús Oviedo Pérez is the author of 8 more books, “a path to greatness”, “My passport to success”, “The power of the Essential”, “The triumph of dreams depends on you”, “A lifestyle, many seeds of Peace, 25 years of the JOM Organization”, “Believe to see”, “Until today” and “I Excellent Good, and You?”.

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