Book Fair Programming April 20: schedules, events and guests | News today

Book Fair Programming April 20: schedules, events and guests | News today
Book Fair Programming April 20: schedules, events and guests | News today

This April 20, Corferias will be open to the public from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Photo: EFE – Carlos Ortega

On the fourth day of the 36th edition of the International Book Fair, attendees will be able to enjoy a broad cultural agenda in which literature and nature will continue to be exalted, as well as the culture of Brazil, the guest country.

Among the most notable events scheduled for tomorrow are talks with renowned authors, presentations of books of various genres and themes, as well as talks on current cultural and social issues. Check the agenda here.

Likewise, at the El Espectador stand, located in pavilion 16, at stand 1224, different guests will gather to give talks about literature, the current challenges of communication and other topics of the national reality. and international.

Corferias will be open to the public from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm If you wish to purchase your ticket, the sale will be available starting at 9:00 am. The costs for the public over 12 years old are $12,000, for children from 6 to 12 years old it is $9,500 and for students it is $10,000.

The Spectator at FILBo

Last conversation on Letters Out Loud: “Deromanticizing motherhood”

10:00 am

Three writers will share a space for debate and reflection on the importance of not idealizing this stage in an exaggerated way and of adopting new narratives (far from demands, social mandates and guilt) that allow creating conditions to enjoy the experience of being mothers with all their chiaroscuros.

El Espectador 137 years: what unites us

11:30 a.m.

The director of El Espectador, Fidel Cano, talks with audiences about the ideas and projects that unite Colombians beyond differences and political discussions. Élber Gutiérrez Roa, general producer of El Espectador, will also be at the event.

Photographic reporting and artificial intelligence: ad-portas of deception

12:30 pm

Nelson Sierra, graphic editor of El Espectador, will be talking about the phenomenon of deception that has arisen in the graphic arts after the appearance of artificial intelligence.

Women who impact with their works

1:30 p.m. m

A conversation in which female pens and their works will be honored and exalted.

Santiago Gamboa: a tour of his work

2:30 p.m. m

The writer Santiago Gamboa talks with Élber Gutiérrez Roa, general producer of El Espectador.

From paper to history, 100 years of comics in Colombia

3:30 p.m. m

One hundred years after the publication of the first comic strip in Colombia, “Mojicón”, we review its history, legacy and impact in the country and how it opened the doors for a new genre in Colombia. The journalist from Magazín Cultural, Andrea Jaramillo, will be talking with Pablo Guerra, who is editor and founder of Cohete Cómics and Laura Valentina Álvarez, cartoonist and researcher.

This is the moment with the most parties in Colombia: who do they represent?

4:30 pm

The country can reach the Congressional and Presidency elections with 36 parties with recognized legal status, which has opened several fronts of debate on whether or not there is an excess of communities, what they are representing for society and whether or not that is changing the form of relationship between the Executive and Legislative powers. The dialogue is led by Cristina Nicholls, lawyer and specialist in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law; Patricia Muñoz Yi, director of postgraduate studies in political science at the Javeriana University; and Sebastián Bitar, professor and member of the Superior Council of Los Andes.

Crossword puzzles, sudokus and other brain games: lots of fun in El Espectador

5:30 pm

Dialogue between crossword puzzlers Juan Manuel Rivas and Mario Méndez with the design director of El Espectador, Mario Fernando Rodríguez.

Random House – Some and the Others – Dipacho

6:30 pm

Conversation about this book whose protagonists are the Jabirús, a little-known species of bird (those who are fortunate enough to know it call it “the great stork of the new world”), which page after page show us how there are a thousand ways to building a family, how some prefer solitude and others company and how, in some cases and no matter what happens, bonds are created that last a lifetime.

Inclusive Justice from El Espectador

7:30 pm

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