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The best books by Isabel Allende: “The House of the Spirits”, “Paula”, “The City of the Beasts”, “Violeta”, “Inés of the Soul of Mine”, “Largo Petal de Mar”, etc. It is one of the most internationally recognized writers who have given us throughout their career a series of unforgettable works, which transport us to worlds full of magic, love, history and mystery. If you are looking for a reading that will hook you from the first minute. , in this unCOMO article you will see a selection of The best books by Isabel Ayende: a journey through her career.


  1. The House of Spirits
  2. Paula
  3. The city of beasts
  4. Violet
  5. Inés of my soul
  6. Long sea petal
  7. Women of my soul
  8. Of love and shadows
  9. The Japanese lover
  10. Island under the sea

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The House of Spirits

An explosive social environment and a tyrant, Esteban Trueba, they have built with an iron fist a home that begins to falter with the passage of time. The patriarch’s personal decline will lead this family to a prolonged collapse. Considered his masterpiece, “The House of the Spirits” is a family saga that immerses us in a world of fantasy and reality in the context of the political history of Chile. Great icon of magical realism, and with unforgettable characters, this novel invites us to reflect on the power of love, magic and memory.


The author herself was in Spain to present her work “The infinite plan”, when her daughter entered a coma. While she watched with concern the progress of her illness, Isabel Allende wrote a story about her family and herself in her notebook, with the intention of giving it to her daughter once she got over the difficult time. . However, this dragged on for months and the author’s writings eventually became an exciting and revealing book, which she named “Paula”, after her daughter. In this moving autobiographical work, Allende takes us through an intimate and emotional journey as he narrates the fight for his daughter Paula’s life. With heartbreaking honesty, the author explores topics such as motherly love, loss and hope.

The city of beasts

In “The City of Beasts”, Isabel Allende adds new elements of magical realism, adventure and nature to his peculiar universe. The protagonists Nadia and Alexander they go into the Amazon jungle unexplored, guiding the reader on a relentless journey through an enigmatic territory where the limits between reality and dream are erased. With this novel, Allende transports us to the Amazon jungle in an exciting adventure full of mystery and magic.


In this novel by Isabel Allende we are presented with the story of Violeta Del Valle, a strong and passionate woman who challenges the social norms of her time. Through her struggles and triumphs, the author invites us to reflect on identity, love and the power of determination. On a stormy day 1920Violeta is the first daughter in a family of five noisy siblings. Her life will be marked by unusual events from the beginning, as she is still experiencing the effects of the Great War when the Spanish flu reaches the shores of her native South American country, just at the time of her birth.

The best books by Isabel Allende: a tour of her career - Violeta

Inés of my soul

This is undoubtedly one of Isabel Allende’s most popular works and is based on the life of Ines Suarezone of the first Spanish women to arrive in Chile, this novel immerses us in the tumultuous years of the Spanish conquest in America. With an epic narrative and vibrant characters, Allende offers us a fascinating portrait of a brave and determined woman. Inés Suárez is a young seamstress from Extremadura who is looking for her husband on the other side of the Atlantic. Furthermore, she longs for a adventurous life, which is prohibited for women in the monotonous society of the 16th century. In America, Inés does not find her husband, but she does find intense love: Pedro de Valdiviawith whom he faces the dangers and doubts of the conquest and creation of the kingdom of Chile.

Long sea petal

Set during the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship“Long Petal of the Sea” follows the story of Victor Dalmau and Roser Bruguerawho they flee to Chile in search of a new life. In Chile, they are welcomed as heroes and integrated into society for decades, until the coup d’état that overthrew Victor’s friend Salvador Allende due to his shared passion for chess. With moving prose and a profound exploration of the human condition, Allende offers us a masterful work that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

The best books by Isabel Allende: a tour of her career - Largo petal de mar

Women of my soul

Being one of Isabel Allende’s last books, the author presents us with a collection of stories and essays that explore the lives and legacies of women that have left an indelible mark in the history and life of the author. From historical figures to fictional characters, these women inspire us with their bravery, passion and determination. Isabel Allende gives us a treasure with “Mujeres del alma mia”, a work that highlights her most authentic essence. Through her memoir, we delve into her relationship with feminism and her experience as a woman, celebrating the fullness and intensity of adult life. It is a personal and emotional journey that invites you to reflect and enjoy each page.

Of love and shadows

Set in the turbulent times of the military dictatorship in Chile“Of Love and Shadows” follows the story of Irene Beltrán and Francisco Lealtwo young journalists who embark on a dangerous investigation into the crimes of the regime. Being Isabel Allende’s second novel, it emerges as an insightful testimony to the harsh realities facing certain regions of Latin America. In its pages, dramatic narratives are intertwined with a fervent song of love and hope.

The best books by Isabel Allende: a tour of her career - Of love and shadows

The Japanese lover

At twenty-two years old, aware that time could be fleeting, Ichimei and Alma They gave themselves completely to love, wanting to consume it in its entirety. However, the more they tried to exhaust him, the more unbridled his desire became. Through jumps in time and flashbacks, the author takes us to explore topics such as love, identity and memory.

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Island under the sea

Set in the 18th century in the Caribbean“Island Under the Sea” takes us through the life of Zarité, a mulatto slave whose destiny is intertwined with that of his mistress, Toulouse Valmorain. With an evocative narrative and a deep exploration of slavery and freedom, Allende offers us a powerful and moving work. The unique narrative of a slave in 18th century Santo Domingo, who will challenge the social stigmas imposed to achieve the longed-for freedom.

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The best books by Isabel Allende: a tour of her career - Island under the sea

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