What time is it and where Enrique Bunbury signs his book ‘The Letter’ in Zaragoza

Enrique Bunbury is going to meet a large group of followers in Zaragoza, his hometown. That will happen this Tuesday, April 23, St. George’s Day, a regional holiday in Aragon and a day of celebration for the publishing world.. Book Day is celebrated on the Paseo de la Independencia in the capital of Zaragoza, and Bunbury is one of the 430 authors who will spend time signing copies of his latest literary work on the city’s central street.

The appointment is at the position reserved by El Corte Inglés in front of the doors of its department stores in this key point of Zaragoza, at the height of number 11 of the Paseo. Bunbury begins signing at 5:00 p.m. and the artist’s entourage has not specified an exact closing time. for your participation.

Limitations for Bunbury’s signature

Both the artist and his publisher are concerned that the experience is agile and the number of people served can be as large as possible in the time that is finally designated, so there will be certain conditions for those who attend. Bunbury will only sign copies of ‘The Letter’, the book that went on sale this Monday, April 22, and in which he collects the email dialogue he had with his fans for 40 weeks, between last year and the beginning of this year. 2024.

Therefore, the signing of albums by Héroes del Silencio or Bunbury himself in his solo career are ruled out., as well as ‘merchandising’. Nor will it be possible to ask the artist for ‘selfies’, for the same reason given before: to make the signing process more agile.

Signatures on Zaragoza Book Day

El Corte Inglés plans distribute numbers at your booth prior to the signing (the distribution will begin at 4:00 p.m., not before) so that order is maintained at the beginning of the activity. Only one number will be given per person, and that number will only entitle one person to the signature, although there is no restriction on the number of copies of ‘The Letter’ carried by that person. It is also noted that obtaining the number does not completely guarantee that the signature will occur, although this will be attempted.

Liburuak, the entity responsible for launching the book, is the publishing initiative of the Last Tour group, specialized in artist management, brand activations, cultural dissemination and organization of concerts and tours on the main Iberian stages. The publishing house has been around for two years and ‘The Letter’ is its most recent release.

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