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This week the book “Confesiones desde el exilio: EPN” will be available in most bookstores in the country, edited by Planeta México and written by this journalist, in which the secrets, scandals and most explosive statements of the last PRI president: the one who returned that party to government after 12 years of political alternation, after more than 70 years of PRI hegemony, and who gave way to the left for the first time in history through what is considered a pact implicit politician with Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his Morena party.

Since its distribution began last week, the book has been picked up by a good part of the national and international media, as well as political agents from all parties, and by President López Obrador himself, who admitted several of the meetings that are outlined in the manuscript, in the voice of the former Mexican president, but he did not openly acknowledge or give details of the most recent one, which was on Friday, September 15, 2023, via WhatsApp, to thank each other and praise themselves.

“That is important, because he has every right to express himself,” declared the president when asked about the book.

“I didn’t speak with him until after the election, since I was president-elect, we spoke I think on two or three occasions. Personally I was here (referring to the National Palace) on two occasions and then I invited him to the house and we ate. Three times,” declared López Obrador.

“And on the phone, at that time, yes, like two or three times, because we were looking at the treaty and the transition,” he added.

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The details about how the various meetings with Peña Nieto in Madrid, Spain, were achieved and how he agreed to speak for the first time before a journalist, on the record, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, about most of the thorny issues of his six-year term. as President and with revelations that have been the subject of headlines in many media outlets, are exposed in the book which, as stated in its introduction, is not a biography, much less authorized, but a journalistic work that aims to examine and reveal one of the most media and controversial characters in Mexican politics.

According to sources close to the former president and his first circle, the book has generated a lot of commotion in Peña Nieto’s environment and family, among other things due to the recognition that both political and business groups supposedly wanted to “fuck him” and overthrow him from the government to call elections before he turned two years in office, after the disappearance of the 43 normalista students from Ayotzinapa and after the journalistic investigation on the called White House.

The same for revelations about the talks with López Obrador and the warnings regarding businessmen; the story of how the visit of donald trump to Mexico; the internal struggles in his cabinet; the definition of the PRI candidate for the Presidency in 2018; and the recognition that AMLO was going to win the elections because he had “turned his back” for many years.

“The truth of the matter is that López Obrador had already won the election. Many reproach me, because they wanted him to prevent him from winning at all costs, but what did they want him to do? “The former president acknowledged exclusively for the book” Confessions from exile: EPN “.

Many wonder why the book, which I began working on in July 2022, came to light a few months before the June 2024 elections. The answer is solely due to editorial and production times. However, the former president’s revelations touch practically all political parties and people at all levels and ideologies, especially some of those who signed the Pact for Mexico, including Pablo Gomezthe current head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), who has open investigations into Peña Nieto, as does the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, which remain open “in case they are offered,” according to what the president confessed for the book. “Confessions from exile: EPN.”

Postscript 1

Although it emerged that the candidate murdered in Tamaulipas, Edgar Ramos Ferretizdid not have escorts at the time of being attacked, and that he had sent at least three letters, in May and June 2023, to the Secretary General of the Government of the entity to request it again, the Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office announced that it did have security of military and sailors.

Three of these members of the Armed Forces accompanied him at the time he was attacked. One of them chased the aggressor and fired six shots at him, without hitting him.

The candidate’s bodyguard was hired on February 24, according to investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office.

For now, investigative police from the Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office reported that they arrested Eliud Guadalupe ‘M’ for the murder of the PAN candidate.

To the letter, in the information card of the Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office it was stated that “the second lieutenant Francisco Aranda Calderona member of the murdered candidate’s security escort, reported that municipal president Edgar Noé Ramos Ferretiz and candidate for re-election of Ciudad Mante contacted him through a phone call, because he had recommended him Hermenegildo Reyes Carbajalassigned to the State Guard, stating that they had recommended him because he had served on the Presidential General Staff, which was interested in my services and if he could get a team with five more.

Postscript 2

In the middle of the second debate between the candidates to govern Mexico City, information was aired about alleged ties of the Morenista Clara Brugada with the government of Felipe Calderonwhich apparently not only supported her to register her Union of Settlers of San Miguel Teotongo as an established Civil Society Organization in 2007, but also allocated more than 1.5 million pesos for cultural works in that area of ​​Iztapalapa.

The relationship between the last federal PAN administration and the current candidate for the Head of Government did not fully prosper at that time, according to official records, because the association that Brugada came to lead never presented reports of operations or donations received, not even the resources allocated to it and recorded in the Federation Expenditure Budget.

On the other hand, the opposition candidate Santiago Taboada He continues to face accusations from the Morenistas for his alleged participation in the so-called “Benito Juárez Real Estate Cartel”, supported by various investigation folders from the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, controlled by Morena.

The investigation, which so far involves some 140 buildings in the district governed for more than a decade by the PAN, has led to the trial of 15 public officials, including the former mayor. Christian Von Roerich.

The closeness that the polls indicate in the voting intention of the candidates to govern the capital predicts that many more revelations and accusations will arise between the candidate and the candidate.

Postscript 3

Acapulco continues to consolidate its recovery. With the holding of two events, the 87th Banking Convention and the Challenger of the World Tennis Open, a positive economic impact was generated in the port, registering an average hotel occupancy between 80 and 90% in the diamond zone and a direct economic benefit. of at least 22 million four hundred thousand pesos.

Only the bankers’ meeting that takes place every year had an estimated participation of 2,500 people, including congressmen and companions who witnessed that Acapulco continues its recovery and will continue to host top-level events.

By the way, this was the last banking convention for Andrés Manuel López Obrador as President of the Republic, and in his closing speech at the annual meeting of bankers he had nothing but praise for the country’s financial sector. The same is true for the governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgadowho thanked the organizers for returning the Convention that last year went to Mérida, Yucatán.


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