Books to liven up your hospital stay

Books to liven up your hospital stay
Books to liven up your hospital stay

HM Hospitals launches, coinciding with April 23, the International Book DayThe initiative ‘Wellbeing Readings’ which aims to improve the patient experience and liven up their waiting period in all the Group’s centers, through readings aimed at health and personal well-being.

To carry out this action, HM Hospitales has the collaboration of Plataforma Editorial, an entity that has provided a selection of texts focused on child and adult health that can be read in the pediatric waiting rooms and other specialties in the group’s hospitals, as reported.

Thus, they have explained in a statement that through a QR code Patients and their families will have free access to additional content to the campaign texts.

Likewise, and as part of this same action, books will also be distributed to hospitalized patients in various HM Hospitales centers, including those located in the province of Malaga. Juan Abarca Cidónpresident of HM Hospitales, has assured that “reading is a very good way to escape and cultivate the mind.”

“For us it is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with companies committed to society as an Editorial Platform in this type of initiatives, since it contributes to our commitment to improve our patients’ experience and improve their well-being by facilitating the habit of reading,” they stated.

For his part, Jordi Nadal, editor and Founder of Plataforma Editorial, has pointed out that “one of the missions that fills us with the most satisfaction as a publisher is the commitment that we have maintained since our foundation in 2007 to promote the reading of books that truly matter: those that improve people’s lives, strengthen your physical, mental and emotional health,
as well as that of their families, contributing to the comprehensive well-being of all.

Four books for the hospital

There are four titles that will be part of this project that will be launched in the waiting rooms. ‘The child’s brain explained to parents’, Written by Álvaro Bilbao, it synthesizes the knowledge that neuroscience offers parents and educators, so that they can help children achieve full intellectual and emotional development.

‘Mammal Mothers’ by Eva Millet raises a series of issues related to parenting and shows how to escape labels to live with a more relaxed motherhood.

For its part, ‘Learn to rest,‘ written by Jana Fernández, explains the 7D method to take care of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Lastly, in ‘How to take care of emotional health’ Its author Eva Bach reflects a guide to learn to listen, express and integrate feelings with guidelines and practical examples for all ages.

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