Happy Book Day! Four different reading recommendations

The favorite date for reading lovers has arrived! Every April 23, those crazy about literature celebrate, as the International Book Day. A date that seeks to promote and vindicate reading, protect copyright and make the publishing industry visible.

Why is this day celebrated? It is believed that on April 23, 1616, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare died, icons of universal literature and authors of great classics such as “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” (Cervantes) and “Hamlet” (Shakespeare).

And on this occasion, we wanted to join the celebration with recommendations of entertaining books, designed for all types of audiences and chosen by bookstores that are part of the Club.


From this beautiful publishing house and bookstore, specialists in magical stories with unparalleled illustrations, they recommend the book. “Healthy, healthy, little branch leaves.”

Ancestral knowledge is part of our cultural heritage, especially those related to healing through what nature gives us: plants. In times when prevention is relevant and the connection with nature is fundamental, knowing how to prevent ailments is key, especially as knowledge that we must transmit from generation to generation.

The verses of Paulina Jara Staussmann accompany this tour of the medicinal plants of our country: its uses, preparations, location in the territory and some other anecdotes that will make you This book is a guide to heal the body and a joy for the soul.

You can find it here and buy it at a discount with the code you download in the following link.


Trajecto is a paradise for book lovers! So if you are looking for your next book or want to give a gift related to literature, you have to visit this great bookstore where they offer books for all tastes and ages. From best sellers to classics, including comics, graphic novels, non-fiction books… And much more!

On this Book Day, they recommend “Witches Home” a beautiful book that explores how, in the contemporary world, women continue to face trials similar to those of witches of the past. Are women judged by their actions or by their feminine status? What happens when the woman or dissident decides to live as her male counterpart?

It presents the story of Cecilia, a journalist with a scholarship to study in Amsterdam, who embarks on the task of unearthing the history of her ancestors, the witches. Through her research, He discovers the parallels between their hunt and his own life and begins to glimpse the transformative power of history and its recognition.as well as the impact that the people who are part of it can have on the present.

If you want to read it, you can find it at this link and buy it with a special discount for members, using the code that you can download here, where you will also find other book recommendations for the whole family.


This online and independent bookstore is the perfect mix between literature, adventure and nature… Ideal for those readers who love travel and the outdoors! Here you will find books and special editions on flora, fauna, fungi, Chilean gardening, travel and adventures.

For Book Day 2024, their beautiful guide stands out “Birds of Chile”, by Álvaro Jaramillo. In this book you will find a Complete field guide, essential tool for bird enthusiasts, both beginners and experts, who wish to explore the incredible ornithological diversity. From Chile.

With a clear and concise approach, the author presents a complete collection of bird species, including residents, migratory and endemic to Chile. Each species is accompanied by detailed descriptions, including distinctive physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and geographic distribution. Additionally, high-quality illustrations, drawn by the author himself, are included, capturing the beauty and key details of each bird.

If you need this guide in your library for your next adventure around the country, you can find it here and, as a Club member, you can download a discount coupon at this link to buy this book and others from the Travel Books catalogue.



This original bookstore sells and distributes illustrated books and teaching materials… In both English and Spanish! Beautiful books to learn and discover new things. Its main objective is to enhance knowledge from early childhood, promoting the love of reading; the conversation about values; the expression of emotions; attitudes related to leadership; empathy and teamwork; creativity and the development of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) skills… And more!

For this occasion, we recommend the beautiful book from your catalog “Happy tiger, Happy tiger”. Delightful illustrations and clear, step-by-step instructions teach little ones through a series of simple yoga poses, bilingual Spanish-English! In its pages, it invites children to pretend they are tigers, moving their feline bodies in specific yoga postures designed to increase feelings of happiness.

If you want this beautiful book for your little ones, go to this link and you can purchase it with a special discount for Club members, using the code you find here.

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