This was the presentation of Ulibro 2024 at the Bogotá International Book Fair

The Book Fair, organized every year by the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Unab, wrote a preamble page to the International Book Fair, which takes place in Bogotá.

Víctor Peña, Diana Burco, Santiago Cruz and Juan Carlos Garay, during the event at FilBo. (Photo supplied / Photo Luis Fernando Rueda Vivas)

As a preview of what will be Ulibro 2024, this literary and cultural contest made a preamble at the Bogotá International Book Fair, FILBo, within the framework of the conversation called: “Words that make music.”

For the second consecutive year, Ulibro 2024 was present at FILBo, as a prelude to the literary event in eastern Colombia, which on this occasion will be held between August 23 and September 1 of this year, at the Convention and Events Center, Neomundo.

The Colombian singer-songwriter Santiago Cruz participated in the activity, held in the María Mercedes Carranza hall at the Corferias venue in the Capital of the Republic; as well as the Santander artists Diana Burco and Víctor Peña; under the moderation of cultural journalist Juan Carlos Garay, who led the conversation about the importance and transformative power that words have in the construction of his music and contemporary culture.

“It is very important to think about words as the basis of our communication and the expression of our feelings, of everything that we want to express. Sometimes we use the language in an informal way; Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is good to stop a little to reflect,” explained Juan Carlos Garay, cultural journalist, who guided the conversation.

“It goes a lot with the emotion I want to convey. If I want the song to sound melancholic, I count the syllables; or if I need a phrase of more or less this size, we support the word with the melody,” shared Víctor Peña, director of the group Altibajo Latin Son.

According to the artist from Santander, Diana Burco: “just as happens with poetry, composers seek to make the words fit the tonalities of the music. To say one thing, like in a last song I wrote, which is called ‘Cumbiecitas Elegantes’, I say ‘I have to sing to you, I have to play myself… a couple of songs, to leave room for the imagination.’

“Just as what you eat is noticeable, what you read is noticeable in the composition. There are people who say that the melody is what is important in music, I would tell you that the lyrics, in my case, are as important or more important than the melody, and that requires that one have literary resources,” acknowledged Santiago Cruz, Ibagueño singer-songwriter.

In the María Mercedes Carranza room, at the Corferias venue, in the Capital of the Republic, a conversation was held that served as a prelude to what will be Ulibro 2024. In the photo: Víctor Peña, Diana Burco, Santiago Cruz and Juan Carlos Garay .

The space that was held in Bogotá was the most appropriate to publicize the main features of the future edition of Ulibro 2024, the most important cultural event in eastern Colombia that will have as its central theme: “Living Words.”

Motto of the book fair 2024
Motto of the book fair 2024

Theatre, music, cinema, caricature and illustration, among other artistic manifestations, use words as the main means to give life to their creations and establish a deep connection between language and art.

“We are going to exalt the origin and power of the word in its different expressions, starting from the ancestral, where the oral story contains the historical tradition of cultures and is related to healing and knowledge, until its fusion with various expressions artistic,” explained the Ulibro organization about the new and creative ways of telling thanks to technological tools and the massive use of social networks.

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