Escif collects the last decade of his work in a 600-page book

Escif collects the last decade of his work in a 600-page book
Escif collects the last decade of his work in a 600-page book

VALENCIA. Escif presents his next major publishing project, a 600-page book that, under the title The foundations of harmony and invention, reviews the last decade of his work. Through a crowdfunding campaign, the artist seeks support for self-publishing and to be able to, in this way, “publish it without depending on publishers and distributors.” Something that he already did in 2014 for the publication of Elsewherewhich was his previous book.

The book “explores the roots of Escif’s work and its aesthetic, poetic and narrative, but also philosophical background.” Thus, the work between the years 2014-2024 is analyzed in the book from the perspective of origin and dialogue, through a compilation of the most important murals, fallaes, drawings, paintings, exhibitions and pieces from this period. “A transversal story full of kind and harmless pages, which proposes a critical distance from the speed and vertigo that governs our existence. An encyclopedic archive of images, poems and resistance, between rebellion and the encyclopedia,” explains a note sent .

The reward system for participants in the crowdfunding campaign includes a early bird, for the first patrons, with the possibility of purchasing the book at a reduced price during the first days and a special edition for collectors, as well as other options to complement the publication: illustrations, personalized drawings, previous books, or silkscreens.

The design and layout of the publication is the responsibility of the graphic designer Antonio Ballesteros, with whom Escif has already worked on previous occasions. A first limited edition of 1,000 copies will be made.


The artist known as Escif has become a benchmark for contemporary urban art, with works all over the world. His works, connected to current events, have often been premonitory symbols of the social context. His interventions in public spaces, always with a strong critical nature and social denunciation, are present in cities such as Baltimore, Saint Petersburg, Dakar or Beirut, among many others.

In recent years we can highlight his interventions in art centers such as the Power Station museum in Shanghai (China, 2016), the IVAM (València, 2017), the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2018); his participation in events such as the Biennial of Contemporary African Art (Dakar, 2014), OFF Manifesta Dismaland organized by Banksy in Weston-super-Mare (England, 2015), at the Lyon Biennale (France, 2019) or Beyond The Streets at Saatchi Gallery (London, 2023).

In Valencia, his characteristic style does not go unnoticed and his latest works have become works of great popular impact. Recently, he was responsible for the design and concept of the municipal falla 2024 that showed two large white doves fighting for peace, a reflection of his time; as was also the failure of The meditator which he did in 2022 and which became one of the symbols of the pandemic.

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