Spain, guest of honor at the Bogotá Book Fair in 2025

Bogotá (EFE).- Spain will be the guest of honor of the XXXVII Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBo), which will be held between April and May of next year, the organizers announced this Thursday.

“Spain as a guest country does not represent just another country, Spain is part of Colombia, we love Spanish literature,” said Mario Cajiao, vice president of Corferias, the venue that hosts the fair, at a closing press conference for the XXXVI edition of the FILBo.

The announcement was attended by the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, Jordi Martí Grau, and the ambassador of that country in Colombia, Joaquín de Aristegui.

Peace as the axis of the Bogotá Book Fair

Martí announced for his part that the theme of next year’s book fair will be peacebuilding, a common objective of Spain and Colombia.

“To say not only that Spain is going to be the guest country but that the central element of the Spanish presence at the fair must be precisely the construction of the culture of peace,” said the Secretary of State.

According to Martí, “the element of peace building is because we want this invitation to serve to say something more, not just for an exchange of writers” and so that Colombian readers can learn more about Spanish literature.

The Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, Jordi Marti Grau, speaks at the presentation of Spain as a guest country of the Bogotá International Book Fair 2025, this Thursday in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE/Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

“Colombia is committed to peace, no one would have thought that in the 21st century we would be worried about war, but we are in a continent that has war at its doors,” added the Spanish secretary when making a parallel between the vocation for peace of the two countries.

In that sense, Martí expressed: “In the face of everything that is happening, violence and wars, culture is more necessary than ever.”

In the same way, he stressed that Spain and Colombia not only have “a common legacy” in the language, but also “a common present and future.”

A common language to share with the world

“We have an enormous treasure to build peace that is the shared language, the Spanish language,” he added.

Martí indicated that the other languages ​​of Spain will also be present at the next Bogotá fair because there is “the commitment to present it (to the country) with all of its diversity.”

“We want to tell the Spanish presence through different languages,” he highlighted.

The director of the FILBo, Adriana Ángel Forero (i), speaks alongside the Spanish ambassador to Colombia, Joaquín María de Arístegui, at the presentation of Spain as a guest of honor country at the Bogotá 2025 International Book Fair, this Thursday in Bogota Colombia). EFE/Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

The Secretary of State thanked the Minister of Cultures of Colombia, Juan David Correa, for having given him a copy of the novel ‘La vorágine’, by José Eustasio Rivera, whose centenary of publication was celebrated in this edition of the FILBo.

“A fair like this has to serve to discover adventures that accompany us,” he said, adding that with this work he has been “caught up in the story of Arturo Cova, in his adventures in the jungle and in violence,” axes of that novel.

The director of FILBo, Adriana Ángel, recalled that Spain was already the guest of honor at the Bogotá fair in 1992 and since then it has established itself as a reference for the sector.

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