Get to know the programming of the Book and Culture Festival 2024

Get to know the programming of the Book and Culture Festival 2024
Get to know the programming of the Book and Culture Festival 2024

Within the framework of the Bogotá International Book FairFILBO, the 18th edition of the Book and Culture Festivalwhich will be carried out from September 6 to 15 in the Botanical Garden and the northern area of ​​Medellín.

As in every year, there will be main characters who will capture the essence of the Book Festival, this year they will be Peter Pan and Wendy, by acclaimed Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie. For those who participate this year, a special edition of one of the most remembered books of all time will be given: Arabian Nights.

This year, Medellín’s invitation to all Colombians in this new edition is to join “A common heartbeat”since the core of the literary agenda will refer to the “living fabric of citizen culture in Medellín”, a bet so that as a country we connect, cooperate and meet through reading and orality that this event offers. The goal will be double the number of new book launchesWell, last year, 150 authors participated. To meet this goal, independent publishers and emerging authors will be special guests.

According to Medellin’s town hallthis edition will feature the stellar participation of Hall of Independent Publishers, surrounded by the halls of Children’s and Youth Books, Self-Publications, University Books, New Readings, in addition to Comics and Illustration, the latter celebrating their 100 years in Colombia.

“We are going to strengthen the Book Festival, as a decision of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and all the cultural entities of the District. Making a more open Festival, expanding internationally and professionally, for this we collected very useful experiences from FILBO,” said the director of the Medellín Book Events, Andrés Sarmiento Villamizar.

These will be the previous events of the Book and Culture Fair

He first event will be the 18th Popular Book Days Fair, which will take place from May 24 to 26in the Carlos E. Restrepo neighborhood and near the Piloto Public Library, for those who are passionate about reading, this first approach guests will be exhibitors, such as bookstores, publishers, reading promotion institutions and universities that will be collected under the theme “The neighborhood, a universe.”

A second approach will be given on the dates July 27 and 28 with the 16th Youth Reading Parade, where the usual literary campsite will be. Also, for fans of anime and superheroescomics and illustrated products will be among the literary offerings of those who decide to attend this previous event.

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Get to know the programming of the Book and Culture Festival 2024

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