Social Integration Beneficiary presented three books at FILBo 2024

“I waited more than 40 years to see the cover of my first published book,” said Juan Manuel Sánchez Garavito, 75, a participant in the Los Cerezos House of Wisdom Day Center, who presented his three published books for the first time. with a lot of effort, he says, within the framework of the Bogotá International Book Fair.

The official presentation of his works was carried out through an articulation between the District Secretariat of Social Integration and the Colombian Chamber of Books, through the management that has been done with the Houses of Wisdom Day Centers in the District Integration Secretariat Social.

Minutes before entering the room where he would make the official presentation of his works, Juan Manuel held the books anxiously, observed the people who were entering the venue and then raised his gaze to the clear sky that covered Bogotá. In those, he commented: “I feel nervous, but here we are.”

He remembered when he read comic strips as a child and said he enjoyed the Sunday readings of the newspaper El Tiempo. He smiled when they asked him: “What did he feel at that moment, what did he feel after the years that had passed with so much effort and dedication to finally show his works to the public?” He smiled and looked forward to reaching as many people as possible through his words.

During his life, Juan Manuel has worked as a puppeteer, actor and playwright. He is well known in the town of Engativá with extensive experience in Colombian theater. Renowned theater companies have seen him grow and he has studied in institutions such as the National School of Dramatic Art, the Cali Experimental Theater and the National Pedagogical University.

His passion for theater began by listening to Colombian radio soap operas, which led him to study theater by correspondence and then to join theater groups. Despite his challenges, he has continued his training.

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His 3 published works

“As I developed my work as a puppeteer, I started writing and when I already had certain works, I said well, I’m going to try to edit them. But no, very complicated at that time. To edit a book it cost between 4 and 5 million pesos. I didn’t have the money. It was disappointing because time passed, I became old, and I already said, I have to fulfill my goal. Then I filled a mayoral project with theater and puppet workshops, more or less I accumulated 3 million pesos of what I earned and I used it only for those books,” said Juan Manuel.

This is how he managed to edit the three books that he has published today, a process he carried out with the publishing house Autores Editores. It is about his works:

  • ‘Six Paths of Love’ (2020): Love stories, for example, that of a wolf who falls in love with a sheep. Another is about a pen that writes a love story. Among other.
  • ‘Footprints on the heart in the art of life’ (2022): Stories of his time at the Popular Theater of Bogotá, TPB, as a costume and prop technician. There, two years of the ways in which different professionals work are narrated.
  • ‘Puppets at hand and their animation by hand’ (2021): Puppet works to share with girls and boys.

Where to find his works?

The author’s works can be purchased by calling (57) 300-4666845 or through the publishing house Autores Editores for online purchase:

Approximately 1,200 older people, beneficiaries of the Subdirectorate for Old Age, have participated in different FILBo 2024 activities that include ten conversations with nationally and internationally recognized authors, who have gone to different Houses of Wisdom Day Centers in Bogota.

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