12 adventure novels and comics published in April that you can’t miss

In book month, there have been many publications that have flooded the newsstands and bookstores in Spain. In this article I tell you the most interesting ones.

1) Hexedby various authors.

Synopsis: «Luci Jennifer Inacio Das Neves, whom almost everyone simply calls Lucifer, is a thief of the supernatural who offers her services to the highest bidder and who has already stolen several fascinating objects from the terrible inhabitants of the underworld for Val Brisendine , her mentor, her mother figure. From possessed teddy bears to haunted paintings to otherworldly demons, Lucifer is going to have to use all the tricks he has up his sleeve to protect his fake family and fight the monsters in his seedy city.

Written by Michael Alan Nelson, acclaimed horror author (Day Men, 28 days later), Hexed is a lyrical horror adventure that features the American comic book debut of star artists Emma Ríos (Beautiful death) and Dan Mora (Once and Future). This definitive volume collects the sixteen issues of the Hexed original and subsequent series Hexed: The Whore and the Thief».

2) Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrelby Beth Revis.

Synopsis: «You are cordially invited to the wedding of Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo.

The Death Star has been destroyed. Darth Vader is dead. The Empire is helpless. On the forest moon of Endor, amid the chaos of a shifting galaxy, time stands still for a princess and a scoundrel.

After being frozen in carbonite and risking everything for the Rebellion, Han is more than willing to give up living his life for others. He and Leia have earned a future together a thousand and one times. Proposing to Leia for the first time in a long time, Han has a good feeling. For Leia, it doesn’t seem possible that he has come to the end of a lifetime of fighting. There is still work to do and martyrdom to suffer because of the dark secret that he is now aware of and that beats in the blood of his veins. Her brother, Luke, offers her a chance, one that involves family and the promise of the Force. But when Han asks her to marry him, Leia immediately finds the answer on her lips. Yeah.

However, happily ever after is not so easy to achieve. As soon as they leave the idyllic ceremony behind to embark on their honeymoon, they enter the most luxurious setting of all: the Halcyon, a luxury cruise ship on which they will take a public trip to the most wonderful worlds in the galaxy. Your marriage, and the peace and prosperity it represents, is a shining trail for all. Including the imperial remnants, who still cling to power.

In its darkest hour, the soldiers of the Empire have spread across the galaxy, resisting on isolated planets that are still subject to its influence. With the Halcyon traveling from one world to another, one thought takes hold: the war is not over. But with danger approaching, Han and Leia discover that they don’t fight their best battles when they are alone, but when they do so as husband and wife.

3) The Dunwich Horrorby HP Lovecraft and François Baranger.

Synopsis: «The small town of Dunwich lives terrorized by a monstrous and deformed being. But Wilbur Whateley not only looks grotesque, he also keeps a dark secret: the Necronomicon, the cursed book. If someone discovers it and uses it to invoke the forces of evil that it retains, the world will know the apocalypse of it.

4) Tea for ghostsby Chris Vuklisevic.

Synopsis: «Enter the tea room. Enjoy a hot cup away from the rain. Listen to his story.

Agonie is a witch. Félicité, passer of ghosts. A profound silence has come between these two pastor’s daughters for thirty years. However, the brutal death of her mother forces them to meet again, much to her regret. To relive her last words, they will have to find the ghost of her mother, so they will be forced to travel together through the past of that woman who loved one and rejected the other. But the ghost of her mother is nowhere to be found, and the witnesses to her life, living or dead, paint a strange, even contradictory portrait. What did he want to tell you before he died? Who really was this fragmented and multiple woman?

The search for the truth will take the two sisters from the streets of Nice to the desert of Almería, from the Valley of Wonders to the abandoned towns of Provence, and to the depths of family silences.

5) Mortadelo and Filemón: Paris 2024by Francisco Ibáñez.

Synopsis: «Paris 2024, the adventure of Mortadelo and Filemón that Ibáñez left unfinished. He Wizards of Humor 222 It is the latest comic strip starring the most famous characters in Spanish comics: Mortadelo and Filemón. An adventure at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: the agents have to solve a mystery that is putting the most important sporting event in the world at risk.

A work in the purest Ibáñez style that the author began and worked on until the last day: 20 pages of typewritten script and pencil vignettes, a meticulous work full of dynamism and great talent… An essential and historical piece for all audiences and types of readers, in which to appreciate Ibáñez’s work and the value of the longest-running and most popular comic series.

6) The house of doorsby Ta Twan Eng.

Synopsis: «1921, British colony of Penang, Malaysia. Robert Hamlyn is a well-to-do lawyer, and his wife Lesley is a socialite hostess. Their lives are revived when an old friend of Robert’s arrives for a visit with his outgoing secretary.

Willie Somerset Maugham, despite being one of the best writers of his time, is going through a creative and personal crisis: he is in a marriage of convenience, his health is fragile and he has just lost his savings in a disastrous investment. In Penang he desperately searches for a story that will allow him to save his career, and he finds it through Leslie and her past: her friendship with a British woman accused of murdering her husband, her dealings with Sun Yat Sen, the future first president of China whose revolution It ended thousands of years of imperial dynasty, and her extramarital relationship with an Asian behind the rigid colonial society.

Tan Twan Eng’s third novel was longlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize in 2024, like his two previous novels.

7) The devil’s crypt. The horrifying adventures of Pierre d’Artoisby E. Hoffmann Price.

Synopsis: «The ancient French city of Bayonne, very close to the border with Spain, houses beneath it a labyrinth of sinister crypts that were already ancient when the Romans built their first fort there. Beneath the soils of Bayonne lurk unspeakable horrors as old as the world, as well as countless miracle workers, diabolical sects, and countless sinister dangers.

But Bayonne has a champion, Pierre d’Artois, a calloused Fencing Master who has also deepened his knowledge of the dark arts to combat evil. Whenever a new cursed sect chooses Bayonne to carry out its evil raids, whenever an evil aristocrat tries to use the beautiful maiden on duty for his impious rites, whenever a new beast from hell stalks the city, Pierre d’Artois He is there, with his skill with weapons, his iron guts and his knowledge of the mystical.

Appeared in Weird Tales Almost at the same time as Jules de Grandin, E. Hoffman Price ended up discarding the character to avoid comparisons, but his entire canon is here, profusely illustrated, as an exponent of the best and funniest horror. pulp».

8) The golden childby Penelope Fitzgerald.

Synopsis: «Penelope Fitzgerald composes an exquisite and unspeakable comedy, a mix of classic mystery, historical novel and addictive satire.

A London museum exhibits for the first time the treasures of Garamantia, an ancient civilization in North Africa, and visitors queue forever to see the two most famous pieces in the exhibition: the golden child and the golden cord. The child is rumored to be cursed. And the rumors take flight when a mysterious murder occurs in the museum. When a German expert raises suspicions that the objects on display are fake, the web of intrigue becomes more complicated, and the museum must mobilize all staff to seek answers to the barrage of unknowns that threaten the success of the exhibition. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, Penelope Fitzgerald mercilessly attacks cultural, political and academic elites. Alleged forgeries, suspicions of espionage and political interests merge in a fast-paced novel, with elements of mystery and comedy of manners. A charge of literary dynamite strategically placed in the foundations of London’s most refined institution: the museum.

9) human targetby various authors.

Synopsis: «Christopher Chance makes a living disguising himself as clients whose lives are in danger. In other words, he is a human target. However, this time impersonating Lex Luthor has cost him a lot, and he has 12 days to find out who is going to kill him… and the main suspects are members of the Justice League International.

Screenwriter Tom King and artist Greg Smallwood bring back a mythical character from DC Comics’ past in White Human, a story that has fascinated readers around the world for knowing how to perfectly combine superheroes with espionage and the noir genre. The Black Label imprint has become a great asset of today’s DC Comics not only because of the talent of its authors but also because of the quality of the stories that do not necessarily have to fit into the usual continuity. human target “It is one of the latest examples of the success of combining the two factors.”

10) Bighead Jones (Comprehensive Edition)by Enrique V. Vegas.

Synopsis: «The original trilogy of films that structured the universe of Indiana Jones, the most famous archaeologist and adventurer in the world, was seen through the particular prism of Enrique Vegas in three installments (Bighead Jones in search of the hidden ark, Cabezón Jones and the evil temple and Cabezón Jones and the penultimate crusade)later compiled in a volume that became, and this is saying a lot, one of the author’s biggest bestsellers and one of his most beloved creations by fans.

Now, fifteen years later and with the film saga already completed with two more installments, Enrique has decided to pay tribute by adapting the last two installments (Bighead Jones and the Bigheaded Glass and Bighead Jones and the time gossip) to serve as unpublished content for this new definitive comprehensive, larger in size, which also serves as a farewell to the character. Guaranteed laughter.

eleven) Roadby Manu Larcenet.

Synopsis: «Long years after a global apocalypse, the world remains in ruins. The air is cold, ash is raining and the land is contaminated. In the midst of the devastation, a boy and his father travel an endless highway, crossing paths with the last remnants of human civilization: madmen, cannibals, desperate people.

In this masterful adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s literary classic, Manu Larcenet turns the road into a nightmare, a symbol of horror, a harrowing odyssey that could end anywhere, or nowhere.

12) The Quijoteby Will Eisner.

Synopsis: «With The Quijote, a story of ideals, heroic dreams and humor, Eisner gives our famous gentleman a personality as bizarre as it is endearing. The master of the comic Will Eisner brings us closer to one of the great works of universal literature with his version of the great classic by Miguel de Cervantes.

What do you think? Did you like them? Tell us what you are reading, if it is any of these new features or something different. We are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

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