Kakao Books: a youth publishing house with a gender and LGBTQ+ perspective

By Malena Pena

Literature for everyone

Kakao Books is a publishing house that emerged in 2019 in Barcelona with the aim of making visible and publishing international youth fiction titles with protagonists in Spanish. LGBTQ+. The imprint was born in response to the need for stories that many publishers considered risky to publish, but which have won many awards for their literary quality and the important realities they represent.

Its goal is to publish entertaining books for young people with a gender perspective and LGBTQ+. In dialogue with Diana Gutierrezeditor of Kakao Books, tells us that they firmly believe that books should reflect social diversity and that all readers have the right to find themselves in the protagonists of a work of fiction. The publication of these books is a literary and social necessity. Literary, because there are real gems in its catalogue, and social, because they offer visibility to realities that are often not addressed in youth literature or are only addressed tangentially. Young people should be able to find characters they identify with and explore stories that go beyond stereotypes.blank

Regarding catalog selection, Diana tells us that they are based on the quality of the novel and/or its author, as well as its representativeness. They are subjective parameters, but they have never published a novel that they did not like. Although they have prioritized books written by authors who share the same experiences as their characters, they believe that anyone can write about characters far removed from their personal experience as long as it is documented. They also have a predilection for somewhat risky themes and protagonists who make big mistakes, that is, human ones.

Currently, the publishing house has been distributed in Mexico and Argentina since 2021, and has expanded to other Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama since 2023. They have a catalog of 25 titles, of which 12 are available in Argentina under the distribution of the Editorial Ocean Argentina:

.Annie in my thoughts – LGBT+

.Rainbow Boys – lGBT+

.Openly straight – lgBT+

.The Hurricane’s Daughter – LGBT+

.We are the ants – lGBT+

.The Rose Circus – LgBT+

.The fascinators – lgBT+

.Off script – LGB.T.+

.Sasha Masha – lgbT+

.Let’s talk about love – LGbT+

.The cemetery boys – lgbT+

.Pink – LGbT+

blankA color fact to keep in mind is that the acronyms appear on the back of the books LGBT+ and in color the representation that addresses that particular title is marked. In the list of titles available in the country I marked what corresponds to each story.

Kakao Books It is a publisher to consider for both young people and adults. They are necessary stories that are not only intended to entertain, but also to educate and help.

“Con la literatura juvenil, hay que ser valientes”    Kakao Books
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