SQM Litio launched Lulantur Tatai story book in San Pedro de Atacama

SQM Litio launched Lulantur Tatai story book in San Pedro de Atacama
SQM Litio launched Lulantur Tatai story book in San Pedro de Atacama

The event was carried out as part of the book month activities in the library of the San Pedro de Atacama School.

Friday, May 10, 2024.- SQM Litio officially launched the first edition of the collection of stories from the Lulantur Tatai contest in the Salar de Atacama. Writing that compiles the stories of Atacama La Grande by 37 writers from across the El Loa province, both adults and children and adolescents who participated in the two versions of 2023 and 2024.

“It is valuable in a territory like this to have an instance where writing that may be dormant in some people is allowed to be valued, but seeing it reflected in a book is very gratifying and allows and intensifies the desire to continue writing and it is worth encouraging writers to resignify the connection with the territory,” mentioned Carlos Negrete, resident of San Pedro de Atacama and writer of the story “Shooting Star.”

There are a thousand copies of this first edition that were launched in a ceremony held at the San Pedro de Atacama School, where some of the writers of these works were present, such as Antonia Araya, a second-year student at Colegio San Ignacio de Calama with his story “We are Gentiles, we are Ancestors,” who commented that she was “very grateful for the opportunity they give us to be able to participate and make our talent in writing known, in something that I love and want to continue doing.”

An idea that was born from a concern that the company had to be able to collaborate and inspire all the people who live in San Pedro de Atacama and the province so that they could write and encourage their creativity and, it is based on this, that it is carried out. this short story contest with magical stories that reflect the ancestral worldview of the territory’s culture, brought to paper by local writers.

Claudia Mondaca, San Pedro de Atacama Community Manager of SQM Litio, expressed her joy at this launch milestone: “For us it is important to listen, read and learn about the existing creativity that exists in the territory. When we received the stories, we found a breadth of legends and stories that were very important to be able to spread them to the entire community.”

Work carried out by the SQM Litio community team and which had Professor Ingrid Vielma as editor of this book, forming part of this work that will be part of the literature of San Pedro de Atacama and the entire region. “This is very significant for me because it brings me closer to the community through people’s stories, I get to know them more and learn more about the environment and everything that has to do with the culture that we live here in San Pedro de Atacama, If you look at the sky, you find stories, if you look at the earth you find stories, then this book has allowed me to get closer to people.”

For his part, Javier Silva, Sustainability and Community Relations Manager at SQM Litio, explained that “we collect stories from different local artists or people who are dreaming of writing, they are expressing through their words the stories they have in their minds and Seeing them here, finally, in a physical book, fills us with pride and happiness, and is in line with the values ​​we have as a company, of maintaining the Lickan Antai culture of the territory, rescuing it and leaving it reflected so that it continues to live for the next generations. ”.

Collecting these narratives is consolidating the community to which we belong and returning to the roots; It is a way to grow. The stories try to explain the world to us with timeless references that take us to different spaces, which, through this book of stories, Lulantur Tatai, can be found.

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