Rediscover Lovecraft through his dreams in an essential book

Rediscover Lovecraft through his dreams in an essential book
Rediscover Lovecraft through his dreams in an essential book

HP Lovecraft and ‘Diary of Dreams’ edited by Javier Calvo (Aristas Martínez)

Last year it was published in our country Write against men. HP Lovecraft. Letters I (Aristas Martínez), a wonderful volume edited by the translator and writer Javier Calvo that collected For the first time in our country correspondence of the genius of horror through an impressive bibliographical work that brought us closer to his most human side, as well as his daily concerns around literature.

Now, a sequel is published that has its own entity. Its about Dream diary. HP Lovecraft. Letters II (Aristas Martínez) in which Javier Calvo, again, is in charge of select all the fragments within that correspondence that have to do with the dreams that the writer told his friends and that, is it a coincidence or not?, they had a lot to do with all his imaginaryto the point that some of them had a fundamental importance in some of his most famous stories.

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Javier Calvo, a true Lovecraft scholar, had been trying for a long time to find a publisher that would publish all this material, for more than ten years, when the rights to the author’s work were released. He had already thrown in the towel a bit when he found Arista Martinez to embark on a project that will soon become a trilogy, with one more volume.

HP Lovecraft’s story will have its film version by James Wan

It was not only about including the translation of the cardsbut to give them a biographical context and historical, so that any reader could approach Lovecraft, whether they knew him or not. “I didn’t want to do a critical and academic edition as such,” Javier Calvo tells Infobae Spain. “I had already done something similar with the prose of William Blake and I wanted to apply the same format so that it was more accessible”.

In fact, any reader with concerns can approach these books that are truly exciting, whether they are initiated into the matter or not. “It may be that this second volume is more ‘geek’, because in the first volume, after all, the story of a man locked in his world that was a hermita misanthrope, but I think that here he shows us a very interesting facet of how his unconscious revealed part of his prose.”

And what do we find in dream diary? “My idea was to approach it as autonomous storiesbecause those dreams, rather, their nightmaresat the level of inspiration and narrative had a lot to do with his literary corpus.”

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Janthe prologue written by Javier Calvo, Lovecraft’s obsession with being narrative is mentioned when, however, what we remember from his books are the images, which remain forever embedded in memory. “I think that for him it was all a matter of atmosphere through terror, but little by little, as he became more refined and wrote in a more complex way, he became more interested in structurethe way of articulating the narrative,” continues Calvo.

The point is that, these small fragments that are collected in the dream diarythey configure by themselves a whole iconography which takes us back to his work and his obsessions, only in distilled essence format.

‘Dream diary. HP Lovecraft. Letters II’ (Aristas Martínez)

In them, for example, their obsession with ancient civilizationsthe reincarnationthe travels in the timehe unfolding and, of course, the basis of beings monstrous that would constitute part of the cosmic horror.

And, here comes the big question that Calvo asks himself: what came before, the chicken or the egg or, what is the same, did he have a world full of repressed things that manifested themselves in his dreams and that generated his narrative or was it precisely It was his interest in these issues that made him obsessed with this. “In any case, there is a kind of feedback which seems clear to me.”

Javier Calvo, writer, translator and person responsible for this edition of ‘Lovecraft’s Dream Diaries’

This delightful book ends with a no less surprising appendix: The Fabulous Adventures of Kappa Alpha Tau Fraternityin which Lovecratf anticipated the fever by Internet that awaken the ‘gatetes’.

“I think it was pioneer within that contemporary obsession.” The craziest thing is that, although he had already written cat stories, when he already believed there was failed in life and lived in a most precarious state, totally alone and sick, he dedicated himself to making up stories about the felines of your neighborhood.

“It was something that has always fascinated me. How could she have such a sordid, melted, sad life and write stories about the cats in her neighborhood. I didn’t even have money to feed one,” Calvo continues. “But at the same time, it seems incredibly tender. He was a writer who spoke about the most dark of the human being and ended up writing stories about cats, inventing their biographies. It’s very delirious, but I like it.”

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