Essence, the great book of aromas applied to ice cream and dessert by Jesús Escalera

Spring in Books for Chefs comes loaded with aromas, in fact an ambitious compendium of ingredients and aromas duly analyzed and classified by the late Jesús Escalera in his debut work Essence. Using the format in which he is most comfortable, the dessert on a plate, and with ice cream as the central element, the Sevillian chef based in Mexico develops a deep analysis of the culinary pantry, from the pastry chef’s most emblematic ingredients (vanilla, chocolate , fruits…) to the rarest and most unexpected, always to discover what alliances can be woven to not only broaden the scope of dessert combinations, but also to establish a comfortable creative system that allows innovation and diversification of one’s own repertoire. from some simple considerations.

The work is structured in two parts: at the beginning it develops a broad theory that allows us to understand the keys to making a good ice cream, both to master and understand the ingredients, and to learn how to formulate it. He also classifies and breaks down the aromatic families, a total of ten which are: green, floral, refreshing, pastry, woody, warm, roasted, animal, chemical and even unpleasant aromas. The latter allude to a series of sensations that may arouse a certain repulsion for some people, although not for everyone, such as the rancid or fermented aroma.

In the second part, all this theory and aromatic classification is put into practice, seeing the many possibilities and games that this approach of taste combinations gives depending on the type of alliance that is sought, as well as the intensity and route that one wants to take in each case. A total of 45 ice cream proposals and up to 30 plated desserts perfectly detailed and put in context to discover the potential of this creative system of culinary spirit.

Distinguished as Best Pastry Chef in Latin in 2018 by the World’s 50 Best guide, Jesús Escalera has been the visible head of Postrería, one of the most personal establishments in pastry and sweet cuisine, not only in the Mexican country, but internationally. His restless gaze and his training and experiences in avant-garde cuisine have been reflected in a set of desserts, trompe l’oeil and personal proposals that know how to get new use out of the most emblematic ingredients and combinations of pastries. The book, available in bilingual – Spanish and English – at Books For Chefs, contains 444 full-color pages, with photographs, diagrams, a fold-out map of aromatic families and countless technical and contextual information to easily follow the author’s creative steps.

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