Children’s books at the Book Fair | Recommendations guide

Children’s books at the Book Fair | Recommendations guide
Children’s books at the Book Fair | Recommendations guide

It is the last weekend of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, and the children’s literature catalog offers options for all types of readers. Here is a selection of the latest news, to give as a gift, recommend and share.

Little Women I (Edelvives).True to its style, Edelvives does not disappoint with this edition, which is an authentic collection piece for fans of picture books. He Andalusian illustrator Antonio Lorente prints his sensitive and original look on this classic of Louisa May Alcott. This period story that explores the lives and concerns of four sisters has been transformed into a universal story of female empowerment for all generations. Suggested age: from 10 years.

999 cranes and a parrot (AZ Publishing). The renowned author Silvia Schujer brings to its audience another story of empathy and solidarity where animals are the protagonists. Among them, a story-telling parrot stands out who captivates everyone with his narrative skills. But one day everything changes for the narrator and his audience, and an unexpected event will test his resilience. Illustrated by Gaby Thiery, This book is recommended from 6 years.

Coco brushes her teeth (from the Naranjo). Coco is a little crocodile who hates brushing his teeth. And his mouth has many (too many), and that task tires and bores him. Furthermore, he argues that the toothpaste stings him. But it turns out that he loves to eat fish bonbons, and his mother challenges him, but there is no point. Coco goes to bed with a dirty mouth. The author Liliana Cinetto Share this story with a lot of humor and tenderness to encourage the habit of brushing your teeth. With illustrations by Laura Aguerrebehere and suggested From the age of 4.

Pure hair and the zombie dog (Quipu). Terror for the little ones? Yes of course. Victoria Bayona and Juan Chavetta are the author and illustrator of this unmissable terrifying adventure, full of mysteries and an unexpected ending. The protagonist is Puro Pelo who one night, at his aunt’s house, hears noises at the door. Great is his surprise when he discovers that the noisemaker was a zombie dog! What are you looking for at those hours and why does it look that way? Puro Pelo will have to find out. Suggested age: from 5 years.

Do you want to know what language is? (Eudeba). We use it every day and it accompanies us all the time, but we know little about its origin and the depth of its meaning. The doctor in Linguistics and teacher Carolina Tosi brings this interesting and didactic exploration into the world of language. Since when does it exist? How do we learn it? Why do we speak the way we speak? And what is it for us? These are some of the questions addressed in this book illustrated by Cucho Cuño and is part of the collection Do you want to know? edited by Eudeba with the aim of feeding the curiosity of children and adults of All ages.

Ramona, the slob (Chirimbote). In a world that constructs a body type as a hegemonic parameter of beauty, there seems to be no place for diversity. Ramona is one of those girls who, like so many, feels that she doesn’t fit into that model because she has very big feet. And she suffers for it. But along the way she will meet a group of friends who will make her change her perspective. Written by the trans activist Barbara Di Rocco, and illustrated by non-binary artist Cartoon Marica (La Tini), This book is an ideal resource to work at home and in classrooms with girls and boys from 5 to 11 years old.

Lost (Catapult). Lost walks the streets in search of a home. Lost is a little dog looking for shelter and food in the immensity of the city but no one seems to care. Until one day someone is able to see it. This tender story written and illustrated by Richard Jones reminds little ones of the importance of the unique bond between humans and pets. Suggested age: from 5 years.

Cherry time (A moon). Nina lives with her family in a country without colors. A cyclone destroyed everything, and only the whites, the grays and the blacks remained. But Nina, who knew no other reality than that, wonders what it was like at some point to live surrounded by colors, with red berries and yellow lemons. The writer Agnes de Lestrade Share with children this beautiful story illustrated by Valeria Docampo that allows you to dream that things could be different. Suggested age: from 3 years.

Seen from afar (Lemon Tree). Paolo is a curious boy. From a distance, he notices that his grandfather looks small. But when he gets closer, he gets bigger. And then, he asks himself: how is it that, at the same time, the small can be big and the big, small? One afternoon, and with the help of some unlikely friends, Paolo will find the answers he is looking for. In this original album book written and illustrated by Lucas Nine, It invites you to think that things are not always what they seem at first glance and that everything is a matter of perspective. Recommended age: From 6 years.

Meanwhile on Earth (Fund of Economic Culture). The Irish author Oliver Jeffers offers another of his stories that combine fantasy and reflection. A father takes his children for a car ride. Until then, something common if it weren’t for the fact that the journey will lead them to leave Earth and explore other planets. Space travel will serve as an excuse to reflect on the conflicts between humans throughout history, and the ephemerality of existence. Recommended reading from 6 years.

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