How to get the revolutionary philosophy book that helps understand Western thought and that has taken Spanish bookstores by storm

Philosophy is a fundamental basis for any person’s knowledge. It should be an essential pillar for societies, a meeting point with which to dialogue, reflect and discuss our past, present and future. Philosophy helps us understand the world and ourselves and, apart from the possible answers that we may find, it provides us with the most important thing of all, an infinite battery of questions that places us in different points of view, in different perspectives to see each other and see around us. Philosophy provides us with the questions with which human beings are enriched and evolve since their origins.

However, philosophy is not always accessible to all people and, even worse, many people believe that it is not for them because they are not going to learn anything or they think that it is not going to provide them with anything useful for their existence, for their day to day. Big mistake, nothing could be further from the truth. This is why pedagogy is so important to present and explain philosophy, a link that does not always happen and has enormous value. And when a philosophy book manages to reach a broader audience, readers appreciate it and interest is seen in the good sales it obtains.

‘Great Visual History of Philosophy: A Guide with Simple Graphics and Illustrations to Understanding Key Concepts and Figures in Western Thought’ by Masato Tanaka and Tetsuya Saito

One of these books is Great visual history of philosophy by the Japanese Masato Tanaka and Tetsuya Saito, published by the Blackie Books publishing house (with the translation by Ernest Weikert) and on sale in our country since January 2020. It is a guide with simple graphics and illustrations to understand the concepts and characters key to Western thought. In this way, thinkers of enormous relevance such as Thales of Miletus, Arthur Schopenhauer, Sigmund Freud or Jacques Derrida appear within reach of everyone. 2600 years of history of thought and more than 200 essential concepts of Western philosophy condensed in a book that explains it through understandable, clear, innovative images. The idea is that mental processes of great complexity and abstraction are presented in an accessible way so that the greatest number of people can understand them.

Blackie Books

More than 350 pages with which to enjoy learning philosophy and, in this way, check how important it is for our life, to look at ourselves in a different way, to observe the world, around us, with different eyes. Philosophy takes us to territories we would never believe we could reach and reveals fascinating currents of thought. What can be very complex, with Great visual history of philosophy It is enjoyable and entertaining. A work that you can buy at your trusted bookstore or through Amazon. Sapere aude.

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