La Furia del Libro celebrates its 15 years at Estación Mapocho

La Furia del Libro celebrates its 15 years at Estación Mapocho
La Furia del Libro celebrates its 15 years at Estación Mapocho

15 years after its first edition, La Furia del Libro returns to Estación Mapocho and consolidates itself as one of the longest-running fairs in Chile. Between May 30 and June 2 you can visit this free fair that will bring together more than 270 national and international publishing labels of different genres, themes and styles.

More than 270 independent publishers – small and medium-sized labels, whose books respond to a great vocation for literature – national and foreign, together with prominent university publishers, will display their abundant and diverse offering for all types of readers: fiction titles, poetry, children’s and youth literature, essays, comics, experimental publications, illustration, arts and much more. It will be an opportunity for the attending public to learn about the latest news in the voice of their authors or editors, who tend the inns, sign books and participate in the activities of La Furia’s cultural programming.

Emblematic publishers with more than three decades of experience such as LOM Ediciones, Cuarto Propio and Pehuén; labels such as The Books of the Broken Woman, Editorial Cuneta, Laurel, Hueders, Montacerdos or La Pollera Ediciones whose titles have recently been recognized with the Municipal Prize of Santiago or the Best Literary Works Prize of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage , among others; children’s and youth literature publishers that are part of the international circuit such as Ekaré Sur, Escrito con Tiza, Ediciones Liebre, Recrea Libros and Mis Roots; University labels such as Ediciones UDP, Editorial USM, Ediciones Universidad Finis Terrae, Ediciones UAH and Editorial Universitaria are some of those that will be part of La Furia del Libro 2024.

As has been tradition since the beginning of La Furia, this year there will also be independent publishers participating in the fair for the first time, including Inti Ediciones, Elreydelcomic and La Patria de Papel.

There will also be publishing houses from regions such as Narrativa Punto Apart, Vísceras Editorial and Imbunche Ediciones, as well as collective inns from other emerging labels that will be attended by relevant actors from the regions of Tarapacá, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos, whose The stay is managed by La Furia del Libro, in a bid to promote the bibliodiversity of the event.

In addition, there will be the presence of labels from Argentina (La Cebra, Hwarang Editorial, Chai Editora, Editorial Godot, Ampersand, Fiordo, Tinta Limón, Cactus, Caja negra, Cueco de plata, among others), Peru (Ediciones Deformes, Alastor Editores, Fiesta Pagana), Colombia (Cataplúm), Mexico (Posdata Editores, Editorial Universitaria UANL, Bajo Tierra Ediciones, Nocturna) and Spain (Sexto Piso, Libros del KO, Alba Editorial, Abada Editores, Zahorí Books, among others).

Attendees will be able to tour and discover the publishers’ catalogs through thematic pavilions that will guide the experience: narrative and poetry will be in one sector, essays and non-fiction in another. There will be an area with children’s and youth books and another with illustration, comics and magazines, as well as pavilions where you can find university, regional and foreign publishers.

A program worthy of a great fair

The Chilean visual artist and poet Cecilia Vicuna, National Prize for Plastic Arts 2023, will inaugurate the cultural programming that will take place during the four days of the fair. In three simultaneous scenarios, there will be book launches, discussions, readings, workshops, reading children’s stories and other family activities organized by La Furia del Libro and the participating publishers. For example, the visual artist and illustrator Lolo Góngoracreator of the image of La Furia del Libro 2024, will teach a mural workshop during the fair.

Many of the activities will be carried out by editors and authors who will visit La Furia from other regions and countries: thanks to an alliance with Acción Cultural Española AC/E, the writers will come Carlos Pardo, Xita Rubert and Gabriela Wiener −author of The Books of the Broken Woman− and Jose Hamad, editor of Sexto Piso. They will also be in Chile Tilsa Otta (Peru) and Isabel Zapata (Mexico), the latter invited in alliance with the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA). Other notable visits to La Furia del Libro 2024 will be Hernán López Winne (Argentina), founder of the Editors’ Fair (FED); Pablo Mancini (Argentina / USA), which arrives with Ampersand; Dana Lima (Argentina), who will come from the hand of Imaginistas; Marcelo Mellado, writer who participates with Schwob Ediciones; and Oscar Barrientos (Punta Arenas), author of La Pollera Ediciones.

This 2024 will also be marked by alliances with institutions such as the National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) and MALBA; the Museum of Memory and Human Rights; the La Fuente Foundation and the Palabra Foundation, specialists in reading promotion for boys, girls and adolescents; the Letras Libres organization and its Libros Cautivos project, the independent journalistic investigation medium CIPER and the Nuevas Plumas chronicle contest.

Soon you will be able to see the complete programming of La Furia del Libro on its website.

The Fury of the Book, 15 years of independent history

Moved by the love of poetry, stories, novels, books and art in general, a group of 18 independent Chilean publishers met, in June 2009, in a small space called Villavicencio 323, to disseminate their catalogs to the public. 300 people. 15 years have passed since that first edition of La Furia del Libro and this 2024 the fair is preparing for its second edition at the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, between Thursday, May 30 and Sunday, June 2.

From those 18 initial independent publishers, La Furia has gone on, in 15 years, to gather 270 labels and a more than interesting international presence, which makes it a key meeting of the Chilean publishing sector.

La Furia del Libro 2024 has financing from the National Fund for the Promotion of Books and Reading, Call 2023, sponsorship from Acción Cultural Española AC/E and sponsorship from the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, in addition to La Tercera and Radio Futuro as associated media.

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