Book of the day: marketing has soul

Book of the day: marketing has soul
Book of the day: marketing has soul
  • The book uncovers the reality of how the soul is perceived in different perspectives.

  • 49 percent of people consider marketing within their execution budgets.

  • Emotional intelligence is part of a tool that you have with you.

The way marketing is seen can be shown from different points that engage a new idea of ​​engaging a process of understanding, so in some cases this can result in knowing the marketing from his soul.

49 percent of companies include within their different budgets part of the marketing digital, while 20 percent of the same companies indicated that they have empowered customers as part of their different communication channels.

The soul of marketing

In a world where traditional sales strategies seem to have reached their limits, a new book promises to revolutionize the field of sales. Marketing. This innovative approach, called “Marketing with Soul“, is presented by a leading specialist in Marketing and Anthropology. The author challenges conventional business school teachings, arguing that overemphasis on sales has left out customers’ true needs and wants.

In his work, the author Benito Gutierrez advocates placing people and their experiences at the center of development strategies Marketing. This renewed vision explores various crucial aspects such as affectivity, Emotional Intelligence, Marketing of Experience, Virtual Ethnography and Artificial Intelligence. Through a combination of practical examples and useful advice, the book offers companies the necessary tools to design genuine and human strategies, with a positive impact on society.

The author emphasizes the importance of affectivity and emotional intelligence in interactions. According to him, understanding and connecting with customers’ emotions is essential to creating lasting and meaningful relationships. Furthermore, Experience Marketing is presented as a key methodology, highlighting the need to design memorable experiences that strengthen customer loyalty.


The work also introduces the Virtual Ethnography as an essential tool to understand consumer behaviors and preferences in the digital environment. Along with this, the application of Artificial Intelligence in the Marketingoffering insight into how technology can humanize business strategies rather than depersonalize them.

Marketing with Soul” is not only a practical guide for professionals in the Marketingbut also an invitation to reflect on the relationship between Marketing and the human being. This book is emerging as a must-read for those seeking to innovate and transform their business approaches toward a perspective more focused on people and their experiences.

Discover how this book can transform your business strategies, leaving behind the traditional approach and embracing a vision focused on people and their experiences. Become part of a movement that seeks not only to sell, but also to connect and generate a positive impact on society.

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