complaints of plagiarism and false information about his life

complaints of plagiarism and false information about his life
complaints of plagiarism and false information about his life

Javier Milei became a global icon of the new forms of the extreme right, and this gave rise to publications in multiple latitudes, for example, in Spain. The path of the libertarian, published in April in the European country by the Deusto label, from the Planeta publishing house, brought together part of the personal journey of the Argentine president and his economic creed. Beyond its controversial statements, the falsity of its content appeared when the cover was turned over – it appeared, because the book had to be removed to be reprinted and corrected.

The minibiography on the flap began like this: “Javier Milei (Buenos Aires, 1970). He is the current president of Argentina. Trained as an economist, he graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and obtained his doctorate from the University of California. But the president neither studied at the main Argentine public university nor is he a doctor.

The publisher distributed the first edition with the false flap text – Milei became an object of debate in Hispanic politics – and published the same version on its website, until last Wednesday, when the error began to circulate in the networks, corrected the curriculum with the attribution of his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the private University of Belgrano. The amended profile added two postgraduate degrees in respective houses of study and a doctorate honoris causa (honorary, non-academic distinction) at the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration (Eseade), an ultra institution founded during the dictatorship (1976-1983) by Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr., a colorful economist.

The publisher did not respond to queries. the daily for an explanation about the failed flap. However, he posted on his X account that the Spanish edition of The path of the libertarian “contains erroneous data.” He apologized for the failure and announced that he would withdraw that edition from bookstores in Spain “to replace it with a new one, with the correct data.”

The claim of Milei, or of some advisor who provided mendacious data about his education, is curious, because the far-right government recently embarked on an attempt to discredit public universities with insults of all kinds, from the quality of their training to the alleged waste and “indoctrination” in their classrooms.

The offensive, which has a correlation in an unprecedented budgetary drowning, gave rise on April 24 to a protest march of some 500,000 people in the center of Buenos Aires, the largest in memory originating from an educational cause.

Thus, the strange situation arose that Milei, or someone close to him, tried to obtain studies not completed at a university that they consider a propagator of communist doctrine, as if in his heart of hearts he disbelieved in the defamations that the government preaches. to the four winds.

The far-right claims to have a deep knowledge of economics, although his corpus of quotes is limited to a handful of liberals and anarcho-capitalists, some of them renowned, such as Milton Friedman, and others marginal, such as Murray Rothbard. The president’s education took place mainly in private institutions whose academic value is markedly less recognized inside and outside Argentina than that of the University of Buenos Aires.

The university home par excellence of Milei is the Esaade, founded in 1978 by Benegas Lynch Jr., a promoter of the Austrian school, frequenter of hard-right circles, whom the Argentine president met occasionally and soon came to consider “the maximum hero of the ideas of freedom in Argentina.”

In 2022, with Milei already in the presidential race, Esaade awarded him a doctorate honoris causa. Milei received the award dressed in a toga, cape, cap and tassel, an extravagance for Argentine tradition. Among the seven doctors honoris causa From that institution are Mario Vargas Llosa, Benegas Lynch Jr. himself, and other right-wing leaders.

In the last electoral campaign, Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr. and Alberto Benegas Lynch Grandson – today a deputy – made headlines when they proposed privatizing the sea and whales.

The falsehood of Milei’s past accompanies the allegations of plagiarism in several of her books, revealed by the magazine News and for the book Crazy. The unknown life of Javier Milei and his emergence into Argentine politics (Planeta, 2023), by Juan Luis González.

The 2022 and 2023 investigation, which never even motivated a question from any of the journalists who usually interview Milei, detected that the book Pandenomics (Galerna, 2022) contained textual extracts from works by the Spanish physics teacher Antonio Guirao Piñera and his Mexican counterpart Salvador Uribarri. González published fragments that demonstrate texts with barely concealed similarities.

Then more evidence emerged suggesting that copying is a common feature of Milei’s career. His columns in the economic newspaper The chronicler They reproduced, as if they were their own, paragraphs from their admired economists Henry Hazlitt, Ludwig Von Mises, Friederick Hayek and Rothbard, without taking care of the quotation, as published by the site Medium and verified the Checked organization.

Another of those copied in Pandenomics is Gita Gopinath, the current deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund. This Indian-American economist showed that she had no resentment for the fact that the far-right Argentine president copied parts of his articles, because when they met at the Davos Forum last January, she asked him for a selfie.

“We must determine whether the error on the book’s flap in Spain was made by the publisher or Milei, or by an advisor. But he is a person who has problems with reality and goes through life like that,” González told the daily.

“He turned the reinvention of reality into a political intention. like he said [el portavoz presidencial, Manuel] Adorni, whatever the president says is reality is reality. If he says he has five dogs, he has five dogs [hay versiones de que tiene cuatro, pero cree que el espíritu de uno llamado Conan está vivo]if you say that the salary beats inflation, it beats inflation [hacia fines de febrero la estadística del Ministerio de Trabajo había constatado una caída del poder adquisitivo del salario de 20,7% en términos reales en los dos primeros meses de su gobierno]; If it says there is a surplus, there is a surplus; “If he says that he is a very successful academic who has published 17 books, he did it, despite the fact that in several of them there are systematic, very serious cases of plagiarism,” lists the author of Crazy.

“This speaks of Milei’s ethics and demolishes his theory that, first, he is an economist who knows, and second, that he came to end caste,” concluded the biographer of the Argentine president.

Since assuming the presidency, the Argentine economist has garnered several recognitions, mainly in the United States, where he traveled four times in six months. There he is received as a hero in certain financial circles and right-wing Jewish organizations, which appreciate that Milei is perhaps the only president in the world who endorses the Israeli offensive in Gaza without the slightest qualms, despite the slaughter of more than 14,000 children. .

On June 21, the Spanish Instituto Juan de Mariana, another think tank ultraliberal, awaits him in Madrid with the “prize for an exemplary defense of the ideas of freedom.”

It will be Milei’s second trip to Spain in a month, because next weekend he travels to a convention of Vox, the far-right party that worships him.

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