They denounce a controversial coloring book

They denounce a controversial coloring book
They denounce a controversial coloring book

The Asociation Christian Lawyers has initiated the procedures for complain against the publisher Fandogamy for publishing a controversial activity book called Baby Jesus doesn’t hate sissies. The work, a satirical comic destined to Adultsincludes several coloring scenes featuring nuns masturbating or fellatio from indigenous people to Spanish soldiers during the colonization of America. On the provocative cover, the figure of Jesus nailed to the cross holding several flags LGBT.

Activity 1. Manolito is homosexual and wants to tell his parents, but he is very afraid to do so because he doesn’t know how they will react. Can you help him find the right words and reach them?” reads the first activity of the book. “Mom, dad, I am homosexual,” the exercise continues. The result at the end: “Luckily, Manolito’s parents are normal people, and they love him just the way he is.

Activity 11. How beautiful is diversity! Fold along the dotted line and move the page to see how these different pairs of people have intercourse. They are all correct!” In the image, two men, two women and a heterosexual couple. In another of the activities there is a word search in which the reader must find the names of animals in the Noah’s Ark who practice activities homosexuals: dolphins, lizards, ducks, penguins and giraffes.

In one of the most offensive The notebook shows two nuns masturbating each other on a bed. “In the Middle Ages a law was passed that prohibited nuns from sleeping together because sometimes they gave each other kisses and caressed each other’s kiwis,” reads the ‘informative’ text.

Although the book has been published by the Fandogamy editorialknown for its satirical pieces aimed at adults, including the books Being a fascist is wrong and Trash people: there is a crowd that smells from afarnumerous users have confused the text with a children’s activity notebookwhich has caused an intense debate on social networks.

[Condenada por atentar contra los sentimientos religiosos en la ‘procesión del chumino rebelde’]

In response to the offense of religious feelingsthe ultra-Catholic foundation Christian Lawyerslinked to Voxhas announced that he is going to denounce the publisher and the author of the book, the cartoonist Julio A. Serranowho signs with the pseudonym Don Julio (author, also, of Pornopedia and Historical Disagreements). “Christian Lawyers are going to sue the author of this book and those responsible for the publishing house,” he posted on his Twitter account.

Many users have criticized the association for jumping into the mud, since a complaint of this nature amplifies the visibility of the text. “Thanks to you, those who do not know him, will know him. It’s going to be a total success for sale.. “You’re clear about it, right?” a follower replied. “It’s a humor comic for adults that costs €3.80. Thanks to your advertising, sales will increase,” responded another.

Screenshot of the tweet from Christian Lawyers in which they threaten to sue the publisher of the book.


“After the success of Being a fascist is wrong (five editions), we have decided to open a themed notebook collection with ‘little things’ that never hurts to learn. In a simple way. To be clear. Even if you have fifty tacos, José Luis, you still have time,” explains, provocatively, the Fandogamia publishing house itself on its website in reference to the denounced book.

Indeed, in his list of news You can find a copy of Baby Jesus doesn’t hate sissies for €4. “Discover how bad homophobia is by coloring and painting!” says the presentation. “In this activity book for adults you will find many hobbies to learn while having fun.

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