PEPA PRIETO MANQUIÑA BOOK | “I am doing another book with my father (Manquiña), one based on dreams”

PEPA PRIETO MANQUIÑA BOOK | “I am doing another book with my father (Manquiña), one based on dreams”
PEPA PRIETO MANQUIÑA BOOK | “I am doing another book with my father (Manquiña), one based on dreams”

“I am doing another book with my father (Manquiña), one based on dreams”Antonio Hernandez

Pepa Prieto Puy (Santiago de Compostela, 1989), trained in Salamanca in Fine Arts and Editorial Design, grows as an author after achieve a scholarship from the prestigious artistic residency in Angoulême (France) and throw, upon his return, My weekly agendascomic presented at Numax and published by the Catalan publisher Apa Apa Cómics.

“At La Maison des Auteurs de Angoulême they offer you an apartment and a studio and, of course, for a year I was able to be just a cartoonist, a dream come true… I went there with María Ramos, for a time we worked together on several projects. There I met in person María Simavilla, from Salamanca, and Fran Mengual, from Valencia, and I had previous references from friends who were already there, such as Bea Lema or Andrea Gamuza,” says the Compostela author, who is already preparing upcoming presentations of My weekly agendas“in Ourense, Barcelona and Madrid, there on the 30th in the Molar bookstore.”

Near and not so close references

A fan of postpunk and groups like the Cure (cited in the book), New Order or Aviador Dro, Pepa Prieto Puy arrived in France with a project “that went around a thousand times… It came out of a fanzine that María Ramos and I did about a doll called Chabel, famous in the 80s. Although that doll did not last long on the market, it had everything, hairdresser, motorhome…, with a very special aesthetic because it came from a manga doll, and as a result of those We came up with various proposals…”, he tells about a stage already overcome in a present focused on My weekly agendas and other new projects.

“I always did very autobiographical stories but the fantasy component It will always be there, it’s what I’ve been doing since I was little. At school I met Roberta Vázquez, who now lives in Barcelona, ​​making a living from this. In the Huérfanas we were the little geeks in the class,” she says about her days at Ntra. Sra. De los Remedios.

My weekly agendascompiles his notes and a selection of colorful stories with a newspaper touch from the cities where he has lived.

She admits references such as “the advertising of the 50s and 60s” or Robert Crumb, but she highlights closer influences: “My generation was very powerful in comics, there are Roberta, Andrés Magán, Begoña García Alén, Teresa Ferreiro, Julia Huete, Óscar Raña, Cynthia Alfonso, Alejandro Gaudino… When we finished our degree, we started making fanzines together, something very inspiring because there was a healthy and fun competition,” emphasizes the author.

“My father was very excited to do something together.”

Among his previous works is The experimental flight,a book half written with his father, the renowned actor Manuel Manquiña (Manuel Juan Francisco del Cristo de la Victoria Prieto Comesaña). “My father was very excited to do something together, and so was I. For a long time, I had a series of stories collected but it seemed like there was never time to get to it so, during the pandemic, that’s when I told him: ‘Dad, this is a great time to do it.’ And although he is demanding, it was a nice project. In fact, now we are doing another book, where they are all like dreams, because dreams interest me a lot. I think that dreams give you incredible ideas to make stories, they are like totally free stories that come to you and that, sometimes, you wouldn’t even think of on purpose,” he clarifies.

“Sometimes I write them down but there are others that I remember perfectly.”

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