Willie Nelson will release a recipe book with marijuana: “Its positive properties are unlimited” – Up to date

Willie Nelson will release a recipe book with marijuana: “Its positive properties are unlimited” – Up to date
Willie Nelson will release a recipe book with marijuana: “Its positive properties are unlimited” – Up to date

Willie Nelson announced the publication of a book full of cannabis-infused recipes, written in collaboration with his wife and a famous chef. Graduated ‘Willie and Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook: Delicious recipes and the high-flying stories behind them’a 256-page hardcover arriving November 12 and includes instructions on how to prepare marijuana-based ingredients like butter, syrups, sugars, and salts.

“Throughout a lifetime of study, I learned that marijuana is more than a pleasure. Its positive properties are limitless.”Nelson said in a statement. “It is a blessing and a wonder.”. It’s good fuel. Together with Andrea Drummer, one of the most famous cannabis chefs, and my wife, Annie, the most famous chef in our house, I am excited to help you prepare a host of healthy meals.”

The publisher Gallery Books reported: Drawn from their favorite foods on tours across the country, On the ranch, at home and in his favorite cities along the way, These recipes have stories to tell, and what better way to enjoy a good meal than with a high alcohol content. Flying story and a relaxing hum? The recipes themselves are delicious and easy to prepare at home. Chicken wings, chocolate cake, fried chicken. Only the good.”

Willie Nelson and marijuana

Apart from his music, Willie Nelson is a character known for his love of cannabis. And the artist liked marijuana so much that he even released his own product, called Willie’s Reserve. And, in fact, the musician goes much further because he has stated that having smoked so much for years ““It almost killed him.”

It turns out that the musician had been making his lungs endure a punishment for many years that, for someone who is also a singer, is annoying, painful and, ultimately, fatal. Ultimately, Nelson, 86, developed breathing problems. However, it seems that singing is one of the things that has kept the musician relatively healthy. “Going on stage for an hour is good exercise. Your lungs are the largest muscle you have.”has explained.

“I’ve abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little harder now than before and I have to be careful. I started smoking cedar bark and then moved on to cigarettes among other things. “It almost killed me.” the musician said. Of course, although the musician claims that he no longer smokes anything, at no time has he stated that he has stopped consuming cannabis.

A few months ago, Nelson told Rolling Stone that “marijuana had saved his life” and that it had provided him with a “healthy” alternative to smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey. “I used to smoke two or three packs a day and drink anything I could find. I had pneumonia four or five times, my lung collapsed and I almost died, so I swapped the Chesterfields for something else. I threw away the cigarettes and rolled 20 joints. Since then I have not smoked a single cigarette. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for marijuana. “It saved my life, really,” he confessed. What we don’t know is if the musician has considered quitting smoking, drinking and consuming once and for all. That would be healthy!”

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