Victorio Pirillo presented his book on the life of the Venezuelan liberator Francisco de Miranda

“Francisco de Miranda: The true liberator, victim of a vile betrayal” was presented at the Book Fair with great success, by the author Victorio Pirillo who, in this way, made public his third work within the historical testimonial novel genre. This time he covers the life of the Venezuelan liberator Francisco de Miranda (1750-1816), in a book published by Editorial Biblos.

Pirillo was at stand 516 (Blue Pavilion) that the publisher set up at the La Rural fair, signed copies and spoke to the public. This is the third book written by the general secretary of the Vicente López Municipal Workers Union, since he previously published “Espartaco” and “Simón Bolívar in Dante’s Inferno.”

The author shared moments at the Book Fair with the former Argentine ambassador to China, Diego Guelar.

With 319 pages, cover design corresponding to Quo Ideas and assembled by Hernán Díaz, the work on Francisco de Miranda gathers a lot of information. But, also, the ingenuity of an author who writes with imagination amalgamated with documents that give verisimilitude to his statements.

Pirillo spoke with the public who attended the Book Fair and signed several copies.

“History describes Francisco de Miranda as handsome, with very good taste in clothing, educated and gentle with the ladies, polyglot, loquacious, extremely skillful, persuasive, but violent when contradicted.”, says Victorio Pirillo. And it immerses us in a complete story, without omissions, the result of zealous research and with the investigative ease to which this extraordinary author has accustomed us.

Describes the archaeologist José Nicolás Balbi: «As in his previous works (“Spartacus and his legion of rebels and anarchists” and “Simón Bolívar in Dante’s Inferno”), this new work to which the author dedicated years of study, invites the reader, in the context of a betrayal that had practically not been penalized, to witness this posthumous trial in which Victorio Pirillo, like a judge of posterity to whom the independentistas dedicated their lives, finally lowers the hammer and sentences his protagonists to the harshest punishment: the revelation of the truth.

Pirillo and Di Marco
The journalist and writer Laura Di Marco, together with Victorio Pirillo.

«The book is founded on the basis of an extremely solid academic structure, it is supported by documents of the time, texts by the most diverse and very old authors, as well as research carried out in the places where the events occurred, mainly in Europe. and America.

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