A book to look at “informational capitalism” | They publish “Critical Vocabulary of Communication Sciences”

Today is a fertile moment to rethink certain concepts linked to communication as a theoretical and practical discipline, among other issues due to its great impact on the sociopolitical scene in recent years.

Critical vocabulary of Communication Sciences (book recently published by the label Taurus) brings together more than one hundred definitions that refer to key concepts of communication: the links between society, media and technologies, languages ​​and their meanings, the relationships between cultural processes, identities, politics and economics.

The volume compiled by Larisa Kejval, Diego de Charras and Silvia Hernández (teachers, researchers and career authorities at the UBA) reinstates the debate around communication, its foundations, limits and irradiation on other disciplines. It is not only a review of intellectual history but also a space to reflect on the validity of classic questions and the emergence of new problems, a vital cartography of essential discussions in this present.

On how to approach reading this work of almost 500 pages (which includes entries such as “Cultural industry”, “Community media”, “Counterculture”, Multimedia literacy”, “Media ecosystem” and “Digital inclusion”, among many others ) the coordinators of the volume maintain that it can be used as a “consultation tool”, but clarify that the intention in writing this book was to propose “a controversial intervention”, as it “refers to a universe of discussions.” De Charras, Kejval and Hernández point out in the prologue: “if we live in an ‘informational’, ‘semiotic’, ‘cultural’ capitalism, among many other declensions, it is clear that the problem of meaning and its forms of duration and variation , as well as its relationship with political, media, economic, cultural practices, among others, are part of a decisive core of our societies, which are of interest beyond a disciplinary delimited area.

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