The Neuquén Book Fair already has a confirmed date

The Neuquén Book Fair already has a confirmed date
The Neuquén Book Fair already has a confirmed date

Unlike last year’s edition, which lasted 10 days, this time the exhibition will be reduced by half. “We are very responsible with the national context that the country is going through and that impacts the city regarding the economic situation. So we are going to do it for five days and we will be announcing it officially probably next week,” Pasqualini explained.

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María Pasqualini gave details to LMN about the next Book Fair in the city of Neuquén.

Claudio Espinoza

“We have been working throughout the year with writers and booksellers, given that since we announced the Book Fair, a distinctive work begins, one on one with the writers, who begin to present their works and books. The truth is that at the local and regional level we are surprised by the production,” he indicated.

Regarding the expectations of what this new edition of the fair could be, the municipal official recalled what happened recently in Buenos Aires, where there was an average drop of almost 50 percent in sales, but the advantage in the case of Neuquén is that it will be, as always, free and open access every day.

“Neuquén has a distinctive situation with the rest of the country and attractive for those who come abroad to exhibit. But we also have to see how many of those publishers that were participating in Buenos Aires and that encountered a reality that was not expected, will be able to come,” he warned.

Book Fair: local writers

Pasqualini explained that the Municipality is working on the budget that will be will assign you to the fair, where 50% of the exhibitors will be local booksellers and writers. “But then we have publishers that come from Buenos Aires and, in this context, once we open, we have to know how many are going to join,” he said.

Regarding the national writers who will participate in the talks that usually take place at the fair, there are still no confirmed names.

Pasqualini praised the defense of cultural events carried out by the municipality. He recalled that, in addition to the fair, there is, among others, the Film Festival and the Confluence Festival, which have added value for being on the national calendar of cultural events.

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2023 Edition of the Book Fair in Neuquén.

Omar Novoa

“For us it was very important. And I think that for all cities also because culture must be understood as an identity and cultural industries as job generators, something that often does not happen,” she noted.

In the 2023 edition, the Book Fair brought together more than 350 thousand people and about 6 thousand books were sold per day, which marked a sales record.

Figures such as writers participated on that occasion Patricio Zunini and Guillermo Saccomanno, the sexologist Cecilia Ce, the journalist and writer María O’Donell and Dr. Facundo Pereyra.

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