I need another “book – destination” pair like “The Cathedral of the Sea – Barcelona”

I visited several times Barcelonabut the last time the visit had a special ingredient, since a few days before I had finished reading the novel The cathedral of the seawhose plot takes place in Barcelona in the 14th century.

In parallel to the theme of the novel, which takes place over several years, the construction of the Church takes place. Santa María del Mar of Barcelonaa beautiful temple that I never tire of visiting every time I am around the city.

This relationship between a historical novel and the current corporeal world occurs very well in Barcelona, ​​a city that preserves in its Gothic quarter centuries-old buildings. It is easy to imaginarily transport ourselves to remote times when we walk through those alleys.

It always seemed to me that that church had something special, I don’t know exactly what, and the novel has reinforced that perception in me.

Ildefonso Falcones’ novel entertained me, taught me things, moved me, and made me appreciate many parts of this ancient city with other meanings.

I remember some other literary works linked to destinations to which I later traveled, such as Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo or the wonderful The most transparent region by Carlos Fuentes who made me appreciate and better understand various aspects of the complex country that is Mexico.

And I also remember reading History of the siege of Lisbonby the brilliant José Saramago, before visiting the Portuguese capital, and marveling at the visit to the Castle of São Jorgewhere much of the action happens.

Well, now I need to find another good book-destiny pair.

Do you have any suggestions?

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